Awards and Achievements

Grants, Recognition and Awards:  While we are not grant funded, we often write grants for the purpose of providing supplemental materials and experiences to actively engage preschoolers in meaningful, relevant learning.

What Parents are Saying: 

"Being able to chose a preschool that has a STEM focus is best decision I made when considering my son's first immersion into school. The way STEM approaches learning encourages creativity and innovation. For preschoolers to be exposed to real world challenges and to be given the opportunity to create their own solutions through critical thinking is by far the best way to learn. Words of praise and encouragement are routinely heard from his teachers. His teachers worked together allowing student independence, guiding and instructing only when needed. As a parent, I could not have asked for a better first school experience for my son! We love Spark! Discovery Preschool! I have watched my son grow and learn academically and socially. I highly recommend the school to anyone who is undecided about where to send their child for preschool. I truly feel you won’t regret it!" --Robyn Osborn, parent

"My daughter is recognizing her letters, counting, and even starting basic writing. This is all when she's three, and next year will just be more growth! The STEM program is great in getting my daughter used to learning through different means. She loves using MY ON reading at home just like in school. Her mind is expanding to building with her toys and explaining what she's making. It's a great way to get children ready for school in a positive manner." -- Anonymous parent