Technology at Spark! Discovery Preschool is guided and served by: 

1.  St. Vrain Valley Schools Board of Education Policy regarding Responsible Use Guidelines

2.  St. Vrain Valley Schools Learning Technology Plan

3.  St. Vrain Valley Schools District Technology Services Department

4.  The Colorado Dept. of Education 21st Century Skills

5.  Childcare licensing rules and regulations (for children 3 and older): 

*All television, recorded media, computer, tablet, and media devices are prohibited during snack or meal times. 

*Television, recorded media, and video time must be limited to 30 minutes per week.

*Computer and tablet time must be limited to non-consecutive 15 minute increments not to exceed 30 minutes per day.

*Television, recorded media, computer, tablet, and media device time may only exceed 30 minuts per week for a special occassion.  

*There is no restriction for children using personal adaptive equipment.

We are fortunate to have all-day access to a computer lab, with Mac-minis, newly installed in the fall of 2014.  All preschools have the convienience of using iPads, both iPad-minis and regular sized, in the classrooms. Along with the classroom projection systems, teacher laptops, and teacher and paraprofessionals having access to their own iPads,  our goal is to expose our children to technology experiences which enhance their learning. Also, each classroom is equipped with a Little Tykes Young Explorers computer, through a grant from IBM--Boulder, a corporate partner of our school, a collaborative work station for young children, to expose them to software which reinforces skills in literacy and mathematics. Additionally, we teach a STEM unit on Early Childhood Robotics and Programming using Cubelets and BeeBots.

In addition to access to technology, teachers and paraprofessionals have been trained in a two-year training model called the Digital Learning Collaborative, (DLC) with Bud Hunt, an Instructional Technologist for St. Vrain Schools. This training model provided monthly support during the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years for all staff in preschool classrooms. In the spirit of sharing samples of projects and action research we are undertaking, here are a few samples of our DLC project reports from May 1, 2015: 

MYon Reader: At home reading Action Research Report

Additionally, the Center for Make/Hack/Play explores a variety of technologies for a variety of ages of students and adults including:

3-D printer and Replicator



Power-tools (No, we do not allow preschoolers to use these...)

During the 2017-2018 school year, we are working with Ben Kalb, Instructional Technologist, to train and develop strategies to increase student use of iPads with the purposes of engaging, challenging, and increasing creativity along side preschoolers.  We recently began experimenting with students usinig green screen technologies, CLIPS, and are involved in the process of continuous improvement regarding our skills and knowledge of technology tools.  

Here's a List of Educational Apps we use at Spark! Discovery Preschool on our iPads in classrooms:

ABC Racing

Art Maker

Bright Start

Bugs and Bubbles

Bugs and Buttons

Bugs and Numbers

Card Match for Kids

Curious George at the Zoo

DoodleCast for Kids

Elmo’s ABC

Garage Band

Kid Weather

Little Patterns-Animals

Little Patterns-Toys

Little Speller-Four Letter Words

Little Reader-Three Letter


Love to Count

Monkey Math

Montessori Numbers

PBS Play and Learn

Sid the Science Kid, Read and Play

Starfall ABCs

Starfall-All About Me

Starfall-Gingerbread Man



Super Why?

See what websites we use in our Computer Lab: