Ms. Eden's Update 12-1-17

Classroom Updates:


Ms. Eden's November Newsletter 11-1-17

Classroom Updates:

Welcome to November and the start of the holiday season! The children have been immersed in our Weather unit. In our classroom, we have been using pretend play in our Fall Festival Center, looking at patterns in weather, recognizing weather words, and participating in daily small groups related to literacy and math. In terms of literacy, we are now up to 16 letters, and have been learning that all stories have a character, a problem, a feeling, an action, and a solution.

Ms. Eden's October Newsletter 10-1-17

Classroom Updates:

Happy Fall! We are just wrapping up our Pets study, and will be completing our very first design challenge next week.

In 2 weeks time, we will begin our next unit: Weather!

Conferences are next week, so don’t forget to double check your assigned time. I am looking forward to talking more in depth will all of you!

I am excited to tell you that my new para will be starting the first week of October!

Ms. Eden's Update 9-1-17

Classroom Updates:
We have begun our first unit of study.

Ms. Eden's March 2017 Newsletter

Classroom Updates:

Welcome to March! To me, the best thing about Colorado is the varied and unpredictable weather--let's see what this month has in store for us! 

 The kids have been enjoying Dr. Seuss week. This was the first year that 90% of the kids actually enjoyed the green eggs and ham! I was proud of them for taking a risk. 

 Next week we will move into our next stem unit: Simple Machines. During this unit we will discuss "how things work" and break down every day machines to a more simplistic understanding. 

Annual Canned Food Drive to benefit Carbon Valley Families

Canned Food Drive to Benefit Carbon Valley families: We are having a canned food drive from Monday, October 31 to Friday, November 18th to support the Carbon Valley Help Center. If you are able, please send in non-perishable foods that have not expired.

Kindergarten Information Night!

Kindergarten information night Mark your calendar!  On Wednesday, Nov 2, from 6-7 pm we will host a kindergarten information night at Spark!

Ms. Eden's October newsletter 2016

Extra Stuff:

The children have been enjoying Show and Share. Your child can bring a Show and Share any day they choose. Rules are: not a toy, not a stuffed animal, not jewelry. You can help your child prepare ahead of time by talking about what they want to “say” at home. (Why is this special to you?, etc)


5 oz Dixie Cups (not 3 oz)

Bags of dry beans for sensory table

Colored cotton balls

Small party favors for prize box.

Ms. Eden's September 2016 Newsletter

Classroom Updates:

The kids have been rock stars this back to school season! The tears have just about dried up, and now it’s time to get to work! Fun work, that is! 

Ms. Eden's April 2016 newsletter

Classroom Update:




We have been busily working on nursery rhymes these past few weeks and are putting together a special project to take home after spring break.