Ms. Kiersten's class update 9-12-18

We have been having so much fun sharing information about our families this week!  Most of the children have already had a turn to share this week but a few more will be finishing tomorrow and Friday.  If your child's bag hasn't been sent in, please do so soon.  They have all really enjoyed talking about what makes them and their families special.  Ms.

Ms. Kiersten's update 9-1-18

Dear families,

Ms. Kiersten's class update 5-11-18

Happy Mother's Day!  We hope all the cards got home to you safely.  (Even if they may have been given to you a bit early!)

Our room has been buzzing this last week as we explore robots with Beebots, Hex Bugs, and now Code-a-pillar.  We learned this week that programmers are the people who tell

Ms. Kiersten's update 4-30-18

April has flown by!  I can't believe we are starting May tomorrow until I stop

Ms. Kiersten's class update 4-2-18

I hope you all had a wonderful and exciting spring break.  I'm excited to hear all about it from your children tomorrow.  Class starts at the usual time.  While the forecast for tomorrow is calling for warm weather in the afternoon, please be sure to send your child with a warm jacket.  It takes a while for the sun to warm up all the way and the wind can be chilly.

Ms. Kiersten's update 1-1-18

appy New Year!  I hope 2018 is a great year for you and your whole family.

Ms. Kiersten's class update 12-7-17

This has been a very exciting week here in our room with guest visitors, PBIS Dance Party, and more. That doesn't even include our excitement about the upcoming holidays!


Ms. Kiersten's class update 11-15-17

What an exciting week we've had!  We started off the week reading Humpty Dumpty by Daniel Kirk.  We liked this story, maybe because so many of us like to climb but dislike getting hurt.  We all agreed that Humpty needed a way to stay safe while climbing.  So we talked about things we do to stay safe:  listen to adults, wear helmets, jump on matts at gymnastics, and do  turtle when upset.  Next we came up with our own ideas of how to keep Humpty safe if he fell.&nb

Ms. Kiersten's class update 11-6-17

Hello Families,

Ms. Kiersten's class update 10-9-17

Hello Families,
The weather has changed just in time for our 2 week unit on autumn.  In the classroom we will talk about how the weather changes, the differences we see in the outside world, and how animals behave in fall.  Then we will be going outside to see these changes in person.  Please be sure to send in your child dressed for the outdoor weather.  We will be going out even when the temperatures are in the low 20's.  It is always to be better to have your child dressed for outdoor conditions.