Ms. Holly's Update 2-11-18

Hello Families,

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far and enjoying the snow. It was great getting to see all of you at conferences and talk about your kids' amazing progress! 


Ms. Holly's update 1-27-18

Good evening, families! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Make sure to give your kids a hug and a high-five this weekend; last week Ms. Michelle and I gathered data to assess their progress for conferences, which means your kids did a LOT of hard academic work! Ms. Michelle and I are proud of them, and we hope you are, too! Here is this week’s newsletter: 

Important PICK-UP Reminders:

Ms. Holly's update 1-14-18

Good evening, families! I hope you enjoyed your long weekend, and the little bit of snow we received today. Here is this week’s newsletter:

Important SNACK Reminders:

1.       If your child does not like the snacks provided at school, you can send them with their own peanut-free, healthy snack (please no cookies, chips, sugary cereal, etc.).

Ms. Holly's update 11-10-17

Hi Families! I hope everyone is having a great Friday. I started off my day by going to a training about teaching math to preschoolers.

Ms. Holly's Update 11-8-17

It has been a busy 2 weeks! Did everyone enjoy the extra hour of sleep? I know I did! Thank you to everyone who showed up at Trick-or-Treat Street. It was so fun seeing all the kids in their costumes!!!

Reminders/Important Info:

Ms. Holly's update 10-17-17

I hope you all had a long, relaxing weekend!

Ms. Holly's Update 10-8-17

Happy Sunday! It was wonderful meeting with all of you for conferences. I hope you are as proud of your children as I am – they are working and playing hard! Here is this week’s newsletter:
Reminders/Important Info:
Thursday Folders: These are sent home with your child on Thursday. They need to be returned in your child's backpack on Monday. One side of the folder contains things for you to empty and keep at home.Please,please take this information out and read it.

Ms. Holly's Update 10-1-17

Happy weekend!

Ms. Holly's Update 9-23-17

Hello Families!

Ms. Holly's Update 9-10-17

Hello families!