Program of STEM - Jan - May 2019

STEM Units 4, 5, and 6 : Preschoolers in every classroom will be instructed in 6 units each year; these units of instruction represent the school's comprehensive plan for high-quality, STEM-based inquiry, which are taught in all classrooms.  These 6 units of STEM are different than the previous year’s units so that children are being exposed to 12 units of STEM over a 2-year cycle of learning. Additionally, there are weeks in between units when students can study interest-based topics determined by the teacher. 

Risk-Taker STEM Profile


SPARK STEM Profile of the month FOCUS: Risk Taker

RISK TAKER:  I have the courage to try new things.  I am not afraid to give it a try.  I try to solve problems in a lot of new ways.