ATTENDANCE REPORT for January 2018

ATTENDANCE REPORT for January 2018: As you know, regular attendance is an important part of a child’s learning.  We thank you for helping your child to maintain their skills, knowledge, and positive attitudes towards school by ensuring they are attending school.

A quick reminder: we do not host Late Start Wednesdays in preschool in our school district.  We also are aware of the flu, and its impact on our attendance data this year for students and staff.  Here is data to report from January 2018:

Number of Tardies:

104  (whole school)

These numbers are up from 54 during January 2017. 

Number of Absences

527 (whole school)

This rate is up from 352 in January 2017 and 211 in January 2016.

TWO classes met the monthly goal of 96% attendance rate, which was our lowest so far this year:
-Ms. Jo’s Mon/Wed/Fri AM = 96%

-Ms. Piper’s Mon – Thurs AM = 96%