Amy Kuesel's Class News

Ms. Amy K's Update 3-18-2020

Ms. Amy's Read Aloud! 

Ms. Amy K's Update 3-17-2020

I am trying to send the videos I tried yesterday again.  Please be patient with me as this is new for all of us.  Hope you are doing well and I will be in touch!
Amy Kuesel


Ms. Amy K's Update 3-16-2020

Dear Families,

Ms. Amy Kuesel's Update 2-4-2020

Dear Parents,
We will be celebrating Valentine's Day in our classroom on Thursday, February 13th.   We will be celebrating as a class with showing and sharing what our Valentines boxes look like during our large group time.  And then handing out valentines to each friend during center time.

Ms. Amy Kuesel's Update 1-20-2020

Dear Families,

Ms. Amy Kuesel's Update 1-12-2020

Dear Families,
The children had a wonderful day today, both morning and afternoon sessions.  They listened, lined up well, came in from recess well and seemed happy and rested!  Hurray!

Ms. Amy Kuesel's Update 1-7-2020

Dear Parents,
I hope you all had a wonderful Winter Break and holiday!  And thank-you for our wonderful turn-out for our Winter Celebrations before our break.  Ms.

Important Dates - January 2020

Dec 2 - Jan 24 - STEM Unit 3

January STEM profile focus:  CURIOUS! 

January Mathematical focus:  PATTERNING

Friday, Dec 20 - Sunday, Jan 5 - Winter Break -- preschool and childcare closed

January 1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Mon, Jan 6 - Students return to school and childcare opens 

Mon, Jan 6 - Tuition is due 

Mon, Jan 6 - Fri, Jan 17 - Enrollment/Registration window for new and returning students for the 2020-2021 school year

Wed, Jan 8 - 8:30 am - School Tour

12-9-19 Ms. Amy K's update

Dear Families,

Ms. Amy's Update 10-7-19

Dear Families,
First off, thank-you for attending the parent-teacher conferences last week.  If you were unable to attend, then we will try to schedule something after school one day this week.