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Ms. Amy's update 12-11-17

Dear Parents,

Ms. Amy's Update 12-1-17

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Ms. Amy's update 11-12-17

Dear Parents,
This week will be our final week of our STEM unit on Robots.  We will be wrapping up the unit with a STEM project where students build a robot to help our classroom.  If you have some smaller size boxes please continue to send them in.  We will also read the story, Bear Says Thanks and di

Ms. Amy's update 11-5-17


Ms. Amy's Update 10-30-17

Hi Parents,

Ms. Amy's update 10-23-17

Hi Parents,
This week we begin our robotics unit.  We have some new and neat manipulatives, puzzles and books in the room and are making the dramatic play area into a robot workshop.   Today, the Monday classes went to Makerspace, where we create and play with different toys and materials.  

Ms. Amy's update 10-9-17

Goodmorning Parents,

Ms. Amy's update 9-15-17

Dear Parents,
We are now one month into the school year and Miss Sarah and I have enjoyed getting to know both you and your children!  We are now on our first STEM unit which is Health and Exercise.  This past week we have focused on Doctors and dental care.  Next week we will be focusing on Healthy ea

Ms. Amy's April Newsletter 2017


Ms. Amy, Ms. Hilary & Ms. Sam’s Monthly News

         Happy Spring!! It was so nice having a warm end to winter. The kids loved being able to be outside on those very warm days, without their jackets. We are sending out our newsletter before Spring Break so that we can prepare you for April but also so we can give suggestions for great activities to engage your children over the break.

Ms. Amy's March Newsletter 2017

Ms. Amy, Ms. Hilary & Ms. Sam’s Monthly News