Mr. Ben's Update 10-2-19

Hi families, 
This is our last week of the nursery rhyme unit. It has certainly been a lot of fun to engage in these childhood favorites. Next week we will do a fall theme, and the week
after we will begin our robotics unit, which is guaranteed to be a hands-on fun learning experience.
This week we have been practicing categorizing and sorting objects and toys. We did our weekly music and movement lesson with rhythm sticks. We also broke down
words into syllables, and practices figuring out the syllables in our names. Can you clap out the syllables in your child’s name with them?
As the weather changes, and the cooler weather arrives, please send your child to school with the appropriate clothing and layers so we can go outside and enjoy the beautiful views and wonderful cooler weather.
Today, we are doing our design challenge for the nursery rhyme STEM unit. Can we keep Humpty Dumpty (hard-boiled egg) safe, when he falls off a wall? This is a fun way for our students to think creatively, outside the box, to keep Humpty Dumpty safe. Nursery Rhymes to practice with your child.
• Jack be Nimble
• Mary Had a Little Lamb
• Twinkle Twinkly Little Star
• Jack and Jill
• Hickory Dickory Dock
• Humpty Dumpty
Upcoming Events
• Rescheduled parent teacher conferences are October 10th.
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