Mr. Ben's Update 3-27-2020

Hello families,


I hope that your spring break was full of relaxation, time with family, sunshine, and neighborhood walks. I have been enjoying the extra time with my wife, and two dogs. We have been going on neighborhood walks, and spending a lot of time cooking, playing board games, and of course watching Netflix.


I want to thank you for your cooperation, patience, and flexibility as we approach online learning together. Of course, none of us ever expected to be in this situation. Our goal in the coming weeks is to keep your child engaged in their learning. St. Vrain Valley School District has provided us with lessons and activities for this upcoming week, and the following week. We have been busy creating additional lessons, read alouds, and activities for you to complete with your child in the coming weeks. We are fully aware that this is a stressful time for everyone, and we strongly encourage your full participation with online learning. That being said, we understand that learning with 3-5 years olds requires constant adult supervision, on top of your already busy family dynamics. Thank you so much for your help in educating your child, during these unforeseen circumstances. I am always available by email to answer any questions. Additionally, we can set up a video conference through google hangouts or webex at any time to troubleshoot online learning, answer questions, or just to have a time to chat with your student at home.


For this week, and next week, I will email the learning activities provided by the school district. This will occur each morning at 8:30 AM. Additionally, I will upload these activities with examples to Seesaw daily. If you have not done so already, I strongly encourage you to set up seesaw for your child at home. Seesaw is a great platform for online learning, and will allow you to document and share your child’s work with us. Furthermore, starting April 13th, all online learning activities will be provided through Seesaw, thus I recommend setting it up now, familiarizing yourself, and completing the activities for this week and next week through seesaw. I will provide step by step directions at the end of this email on how to set up seesaw, if you have not already done so.


For our students who are on active Individualized Education Plans, I will contact you individually to set up a video conference. During this time, we can discuss your child’s individual needs, strategies for home, and resources for working on IEP goals. If your child is not on an IEP and you would like to discuss different strategies and resources for home, we can set up a time to discuss this.


Once again, we are all in this together. We are trying our best to help serve you and your child’s learning through this challenging time. Please email me any specific questions you have about this process at


Seesaw step by step directions to setup an account:


1.)   Download the “Seesaw class” app on your smartphone, ipad./tablet. The app is great because it is easy to make videos or take pictures of student work.

·      Many of you have previously downloaded the “Seesaw family” app, this is different. To access student activities, videos, links, etc. You will need the “Seesaw class” app.


·      You can also access Seesaw through the internet using your computer or laptop, use this link


2.)   Once you have opened the “Seesaw class” app, click “I’m a student” and enter your individualized password, where it says “TEXT CODE”

3.)   If you are using a computer/the seesaw website. Click “login”, the click, “I’m a student”. DO NOT FILL IN AN EMAIL OR A PASSWORD. Enter your individualized password where it says “TEXTCODE.

4.)   Once you are in Seesaw you can see announcement, and activities. It is fairly simple to navigate seesaw. You can take pictures and add audio files, you can make videos, you can take pictures and draw on them, you can use writing features over PDF’s and much more. Please let me know if you have any questions navigating seesaw.

5.)   In a separate email, I will provide you your individualized “textcode” or password to access Seesaw.


Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


Additional resources: Everything you need to know in regards to SVVSD and the COVID-19 situation.





Please see this great resource by scholastic for activities and read alouds, designed for preschool and kindergarten.



Benjamin Douglass
MA Early Childhood Special Education Specialist
SPARK! Discovery preschool


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