Ms. Alyssa Update 9-7-17

Ms. Alyssa’s Weekly Update 9.7.17

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. I know I enjoyed having an extra day to spend with my family. Now that we have hit September school is in full swing. We are starting to focus on learning the letters and beginning our pilot of our math curriculum. Your child will start getting weekly homework this week. Please return this Monday if possible. There will also be a month long reading log, to be returned at the end of the month, and a calendar of activity ideas, just for fun :)

This Week:

  • Yellow was our color of the week and we looked for yellow on the clothes we were wearing all week.

  • We focused on squares and discussed how they have 4 sides that are the same. It will be great to learn about rectangles next so we can compare them.

  • We discussed the number 2 and practiced recognizing it, writing it and counting to 2. We also talked about counting by twos by looking at our shoes.

  • We met Lizzy Lizard (Letter Ll) and Francy Fish (Letter Ff), our first two ZooPhonics animals and practiced the sounds they make and how to write them.

  • We went to MakerSpace for the first time and explored the different activities in their like the wind tunnel and magnet wall. We will continue to go to Makerspace every other Wednesday for the school year for center time. This is a great space for students to tinker with toys and experience hands on learning.

Next Week:

  • Color: Green

  • Shape: Rectangle

  • Number: Three (3)

  • Letters: Ee (Ellie Elephant) and Hh (Honey Horse)

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • September 7th- PBIS Reward: Parachute Party

  • September 7th- Spark! PTO meeting (6:00-8:00pm)

  • September 13th- Spark! Spirit Night at McDonald’s (5:00-7:30pm)

  • September 14th- FREE Parenting Class (6:30-7:45pm)

  • September 14th- PJ Day (Bring $1)

  • September 14th- Computer Lab

  • September 16th- MINER’S DAY- City of Frederick (9:00am-12:00pm)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! -Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Diana-

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