Ms. Alyssa's March 2017 newsletter

Thank you all for attending conferences!  It was nice to meet with you and discuss your child’s accomplishments so far in the year.  Also, thank you for being flexible due to the late start day.

Attendance:  It is very important for preschoolers to be at school regularly. Thank you for your continued support to have them at school unless they are sick.

Reading Logs and myOn: Thank you for turning in reading logs! Please continue to have your child look at books or be read to for 10 minutes a night. If you don’t have time to look at books with your child, have them look at them independently! They do this at school daily.

We have been reading a lot of books about simple machines on myOn. Be sure to check out this awesome resource. If you need help logging in, let me know!

Our March reading log is Dr. Seuss themed and students will get a Dr. Seuss prize for turning it in.

Library Update:

We go to the library the first and third Thursday of the month. If your child has a book at home, they won’t be allowed to take a new one home. With the end of the year coming before we know it, be on the lookout for any missing books so that you don’t have to pay a fine. 

Read Across America Week (February 27- March 2)

Mon, Feb. 27: Crazy Hat Day

Tues, Feb. 28: Green Eggs and Ham

Wed, Feb. 29: Dr. Seuss Movement

Thurs, March 2: Crazy Hair Day

Contact Me!

If you need anything feel free to email me or call me

(720) 652-7906 x22645

Thank you!

Ms. Kristen, Ms. Diana and I really appreciate all the thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts!


Zoo-phonics is the curriculum we use to teach letter sounds. One of my professional goals this year is supporting students in learning all their letter sounds, so your reinforcement at home would be great. We like to play “Simon Says” with the letter sounds at school. For example, “Simon Says make the sound the letter O makes.”


PJ Day:  March 16th (Bring $1)

General PTO Meeting/ Love and Logic Parenting Class: March 9th (5:30-8:00) **Please join us**

Mark Your Calendar for the Spring Carnival: April 14th

(Friends, Family, Food and Fun!)

 We’ve got STARPOWER!

Did somebody say “DANCE PARTY?!” and to top it off… bubble machines!

This month if we meet our STARticket goal we will earn a dance party in the gym. The last time we had a dance party the preschoolers LOVED it!  


PJ Day:  March 16th (Bring $1)

General PTO Meeting/ Love and Logic Parenting Class: March 9th (5:30-8:00) **Please join us**

Mark Your Calendar for the Spring Carnival: April 14th

(Friends, Family, Food and Fun!)

We like to move it move it!

All School Movement will be March 13th!

The preschoolers have loved “Going on a Bear Hunt” for movement recently! This is something they might enjoy at home, too!

Google: “Going on a Bear Hunt.”

Letter Instruction:

We have made it all the way through the alphabet for the second time. We will continue to work on recognition, formation and the sound each letter makes. Our focus will shift more towards letter sounds and alliteration. We could use your help at home! Please practice, practice, practice letters and their sounds at home.

This month’s letters:

L, F, E, H, T, I, U, and C.

Did you know Spark has our own homepage with all the different websites we use with preschoolers in the computer lab? Check it out!

Weekly Folders:

Thank you for returning your child’s black folder!  It is important that we have this folder to send home full of information and the work your child did at school. Please empty and return this folder the following Monday!  

Two awesome apps: A-Z Music Videos

Storybots Learning Videos

Items we could use in our classroom:

-colored pom-pom balls

-gems, sequins, etc. for the art center

-chalk and bubbles (for outdoor play)

PATHS Update

The preschoolers love our social-emotional curriculum. We have been talking about how to calm down when we feel upset. Students have learned how to “do Turtle” when they are upset. The steps are:

1.     Stop.

2.     Breathe.

3.     Say the problem and how you feel (i.e. The problem is that I want that toy and she won’t share, so I am sad).  

This is a great tool to reinforce at home to help your child clam down. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Spring Break: March 27th- April 3rd  myOn Spring Break Reading Challenge

St. Vrain Valley elementary schools and preschools are invited to participate in the District’s Spring Reading Challenge. Participants should utilize the myOn reading program to record the number of minutes read by their students between March 24 and April 2. Prizes will be awarded to the schools with the highest average minutes read per student.

(I can show you how to login to myOn if needed)


STEM Profile of the Month:


“I am learning to put myself in someone else’s place so I can better understand them.”

We will talk about being empathetic at school and would love to have you reinforce it at home.

Ways to encourage empathy at home:

·       Talk about other people’s feelings

·       Read stories about feelings

·       Empathize with your child

·       Validate your child’s difficult emotions

STEM Update:

We just wrapped up our STEM unit on Simple Machines. I was totally impressed with the vocabulary and understanding the preschoolers developed through out this unit. The students loved when we used a lever as a catapult to make a cotton ball fly into the air.

Our new STEM unit is focused on making music and discovering how sound is made. We will learn about sounds, different music genres and musical instruments.

If you, or anyone you know plays an instrument, we would love to have some family members come share their talents throughout this unit!























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