Ms. Alyssa's May 2017 newsletter

Reading Logs and myOn:  Thank you for turning in reading logs! Reading over the summer with your child is very important to keep their brains’ learning! myOn will still work in the summer so this would be great to use. Please continue to have your child look at books or be read to for 10 minutes a night. If you don’t have time to read at home with your child, have them look at them independently! They do this at school.

Attendance: Our attendance was much better this month! Thanks! Please make it a priority to have them attend school everyday unless they are sick.

The last day of school is May 24th! We will have classroom parties to celebrate. More information to come!

Library Update:  CALLING ALL LIBRARY BOOKS!  It is time to return any library books you may have around your house. A note will be sent home if we are missing a book your child checked out.  

Homework:  The reading log will be the only homework in May. Enjoy the extra time playing outside, reading books and having fun as the school year comes to an end. Thank you to the families who turned in homework all year. It really made a difference in your child’s progress

Letter Practice:  We have made it all the way through the alphabet for the third and final time. We will continue to work on recognition, formation and the sound each letter makes. Please practice, practice, practice letters and their sounds at home over the summer. It is important to keep working on these so that students are prepared for kindergarten.

STEM Profile for May:

Reflective:  “I think about what I have learned, what I am good at and what I can improve the next time. I take the time to think about my actions and their effects. I give and take feedback from others.”  We will talk about being reflective in school and would appreciate your reinforcement at home.  Some ways to encourage your child to be reflective are:

·       Ask questions that prompt reflective thinking, for example: What was the most important thing you learned today?

·       Model reflecting on your own life

·       Use reflection to help solve problems


We have been finishing up our end of the school year assessments. I am so impressed with how much growth has happened this year. I will be sending home the Individual Learning Plans about GOLD in about a week. I will also send home information on how students did on their PALS assessment. Please let me know if you have any questions.

STEM Update:  We integrate STEM into our daily learning as much as possible. We have started our last STEM Unit, Life Cycles.  We saved the best unit for last! We have been talking about our own life cycle, the life cycles of plants and the life cycles of butterflies. Students have loved this unit so much already! Ask them about our classroom caterpillars and about the experiment we are doing with lima beans!


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