Ms. Alyssa's Update 4-15-18

Ms. Alyssa’s Weekly Update 4.12.18


Next weekend is the school carnival!! Turn in your pre-order ticket paper next week to get some bonus tickets for free :)


This Week:

  • We talked about triangles and cones. This helped us discuss similarities and differences. When looking at a picture of these shapes on paper they look similar, but looking at objects that are these shapes we were able to see how different they are.  

  • We discussed the number 18 and practiced recognizing it, writing it and counting it. We used a ten frame to see how 18 is 10 + 8. Every day when we count to our number of the week we count in english and spanish. It has been awesome to see progress in counting in both languages.

  • We focused on producing the sounds for the letters Ll, Ff, Ee, and Hh. We focused on the sight words: can, my, do, to, like, you, not, me. We also started talking about the digraphs: sh, ch, th, and wh. This chart shows the visuals we use to talk about these blends.


  • We had a fun week reading books by the author and illustrator, Mo Willems. Mo Willems has written a TON of books and the students love all his different characters. At the library this week many students even looked to check out his books.


Next Week:

  • Unit: Pets

  • Shape: Square/Cube

  • Number: Nineteen (19)

  • Letters: Tt, Ii, Uu, Cc


Upcoming Important Dates:

  • April 12th- PJ Day

  • April 17th- Library

  • April 18th- Makerspace

  • April 19th- PBIS Reward (Student Choice)

  • April 19th- Evacuation Drill in PM

  • April 20th- Spring Carnival (5:00-7:00 PM)

  • April 24th- Last Library Trip

  • April 25th- Makerspace


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! -Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Diana-

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