Ms. Amber's Update 1-6-19


I hope all of you have had a wonderful time celebrating the season with your families. We are hoping your children were able to get some great pictures of your family activities to kick off our family unit. We have a very busy month ahead! Below I have outlined the skills we will be focusing on this month.
STEM Unit- Families!
Students are encouraged to use a camera throughout this month to take pictures of their families to share with the class. This is a great way to incorporate student use of technology in this unit. These pictures will also be displayed on our bulletin board. We will also be learning about different family celebrations, what families do together, problems families face and how they overcome them. Students will have opportunities to celebrate pretend birthdays in dramatic play, read books about families, draw pictures and write stories about their families. 
Math- This month we will continue to work on number and shape recognition along with counting. We will also have a focus on patterning and creating a variety of different patterns. 
Letters- Letters we will focus on this month will include a review of M,S,T this week and we will add L,O and R throughout the month
Literacy- Students will be learning the direction of reading, they will learn to listen for the number of syllables in words as well as listening for words that rhyme. Rhyming can be a difficult skill for students to catch on too finding ways to incorporate rhyming games at home can be very helpful.
We can't wait to see all of you tomorrow! Please remember attendance counts and plays a critical role in helping your child transition to kindergarten. SEE YOU SOON!
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