Ms. Amy Kuesel's Update 2-4-2020

Dear Parents,
We will be celebrating Valentine's Day in our classroom on Thursday, February 13th.   We will be celebrating as a class with showing and sharing what our Valentines boxes look like during our large group time.  And then handing out valentines to each friend during center time.
So....If you could PLEASE create a valentine's box or bag this weekend with your child's name on it and bring it in next week, Thursday, February 13th.  And secondly, have the children bring Valentines with only their name on the cards, that would be great.  We will have a classroom treat, which I will provide.  It is such a fun day for the children!
There are supplies to create a Valentines box in our cafeteria.   
Make a Valentines box or bag with your child's name on it.
Send in Valentine's with your child's name on them.
Morning class has 16 children
Afternoon class has 14 children.
Hope that makes sense, if you have any questions, please let me know.
Ms. Allison and Ms. Amy 
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