Ms. Holly's Update 10-8-17

Happy Sunday! It was wonderful meeting with all of you for conferences. I hope you are as proud of your children as I am – they are working and playing hard! Here is this week’s newsletter:
Reminders/Important Info:
Thursday Folders: These are sent home with your child on Thursday. They need to be returned in your child's backpack on Monday. One side of the folder contains things for you to empty and keep at home.Please,please take this information out and read it. The other side contains papers for you to sign and return to us. Please sign them and put them back in the folder. My para, Michelle, checks the folders on Mondays and will collect any papers you have signed.
Homework: Optional homework is sent home each week to reinforce letter formation. This will be easy for some students and hard for others; if your child struggles that is OK! For me, the important thing about homework at the preschool level is that it facilitates parent involvement with children at home to reinforce what children are learning at school. Children receive a sticker for turning in completed homework. Reading logs are sent home every month. Please complete the front and back and return it at the end of the month, then your child gets a prize!  
Student Absences and Tardiness: If you know your child will be absent, please call or email the front office and let someone know so your child will be marked as having an excused absence. You can also email me. Telling me verbally at drop-off and pick-up is not the best time to relay information as it can be hectic; I will most likely forget.  If your child is sick, please also call/email the office or email me so that can be marked as an excused absence as well. Additionally, please try to be on time to school. We have a lot to do in only two hours and 40 minutes, and when students are late we get behind schedule-wise. We appreciate your cooperation!
Classroom Needs: If you would like to donate materials to our classroom, we need small, paper Dixie Cups! At snack, your children pour their own water from a pitcher into their cup, so between the 2 classes we go through 20 cups a day at least :)
This Month’s School Newsletter: In addition to my weekly newsletters, the school also sends out monthly newsletters. In this month’s newsletter, there will be important information about transitioning from preschool to kindergarten, the new STEM profile of the month, which is “Risk-Taker,” and data from the 2016-2017 parent survey.
Important Dates:
Tuesday, Oct. 10: Miss Holly gone. I will be taking the day off on Tuesday. Ms. Michelle will be running the class with the help of a substitute teacher.
Tuesday, Oct. 10 and Wednesday, Oct. 11: Hearing and Vision Screenings. The AM class will be going on Wednesday, and the PM class will be going on Tuesday. For more information, see the bulletin board near the cafeteria; enter the school through the main entrance, take a right, and the bulletin board is on your left.
Tuesday, Oct. 10 and Wednesday, Oct. 11: Fire Safety Visitation.Firemen/women will be coming to visit the kids and talk about fire safety and prevention. They will don all their gear so the kids can see what a fireman looks like when rescuing people from a fire.
Wednesday, Oct. 11 and Thursday, Oct. 12: SPIRIT DAY – Dress like a Superhero!!! In exchange for a $1 donation to PTO, your kids can dress up like a superhero all day. No masks or weapons, please.
Monday, Oct. 16: NO SCHOOL! Have a great day off  
Friday, Oct. 27: Trick-or-Treat-Street at Spark! from 4:30 to 6pm. This event is for families of Spark! only, including siblings. Families and children are encouraged to come dressed in costumes and enjoy trick-or-treating around the inside of the school building. Teachers will be dressed up too and will hand out candy at their classroom doors. Children in Wraparound childcare will participate as a group, should a parent not be able to make it to school due to work. These children can bring their costume in their backpack to ensure that they can also participate in the event. We are seeking donations of bags of candy, trinkets (without choking hazards), pencils, etc. by Wednesday, Oct. 25, which can be delivered to the front office. To honor the many requests parents may get for various donations from the school, donation documentation for tax purposes will be provided to families requesting it by attaching their name to their donated candy or snacks, as well as the cost of the donation. A few items to note: To ensure the safety of our children, this event isn’t open to the public. We schedule the event for earlier in the afternoon so that families can pick up their child(ren) from preschool or other local schools and bring them back to school without being late; there will not be supervision of children between 3:05 and 4:30pm.Families are expected to supervise their children during the event.
What we learned this week:
Shape and color: White Star, White Heart
Letters: O,o and Q,q
Number: 6 
STEM: At the end of each STEM unit, we do a design challenge. To mark the end of our Robotics unit, the kids’ challenge was to “design a robot that is programmed to help someone complete a task.” In the AM class, the kids chose to design a robot that helps kids zip their coats, and a robot that helps kids and teachers clean the classroom. In the PM class, the kids chose to design a robot that helps teachers clean the tables. The robots were created with cardboard, craft supplies, and a lot of glue and tape! It was a lot of fun!
That is all for this week. I hope everyone had a great and relaxing weekend!
~Ms. Holly
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