Ms. Holly's Update 11-2-17

Ms. Alyssa’s Weekly Update 11.2.17

October was such a busy month!  I cannot believe it is November. I hope everyone had a fun halloween. It was great seeing students at school for Trick-or-Treat street. I loved all the costumes!

This Week:

  • We learned about the color pink. A lot of students shared that pink is their favorite color so they were excited. We have gone through all the colors, and will start reviewing them again. The kids are also learning songs to help spell the color words and they love it.

  • We learned about cubes. During center time a student came running over to show me that we have cubes in our block center AND math center. It was so cute. I love seeing these connections being made.

  • We discussed the number 10 and practiced recognizing it, writing it and counting to 10. Identifying numerals is really tricky, so anytime you can ask your child to tell you the different numbers they see would be helpful.

  • We met Robby Rabbit (Rr) and Kayo Kangaroo (Letter Kk) and practiced the sounds they make and how to write them.

  • We learned about healthy food and discussed the food pyramids. We looked at our snacks and lunches to make sure they were healthy and had stuff from different food groups.

Next Week:

  • Color: Red

  • Shape: Sphere

  • Number: Zero (0)

  • Letters: Allie Alligator (Aa) and Vincent Vampire Bat (Vv)

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • November 5th- Daylight savings (Don’t forget to change your clocks)

  • November 7th- Library

  • November 8th- Spirit Day- Bring your Favorite Stuffed animal for $1

  • November 9th- Computer Lab

  • November 9th- FREE Parenting class (6:30-7:45pm)

  • November 14th- Library

  • November 15th- Makerspace/Picture Retake Day

  • November 16th- Fall Celebration

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! -Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Diana-

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