Ms. Holly's Update 2-11-18

Hello Families,

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far and enjoying the snow. It was great getting to see all of you at conferences and talk about your kids' amazing progress! 


 Important PICK-UP Reminders:  At pick-up we only release a few children at a time to ensure that all parents sign out and no one accidentally leaves with their child before they have signed out. The other children wait in the coat room, right inside the door.  Because of this arrangement, please form a line starting near the door. If you are around the corner, I won’t be able to see you to release your child to you. There are a lot of children coming out of Door 8 at pick-up, and there are a lot of children in the coat room, which is why I stand and hold door instead of coming all the way out. To summarize, please come around the corner to pick your child up so I can see you  Thank you for your cooperation!


Important CONFERENCE Reminders:

·If you did not receive a typed copy of your child’s ILP (Individual Learning Plan) at conferences, those will be sent home in Thursday folders. One copy will be for you to keep; the other will need to be signed and returned to me by Monday, February 19th.

Important SNACK Reminders: If your child does not like the snacks provided at school, you can send them with their own peanut-free, healthy snack (please no cookies, chips, sugar cereal, etc.). If you send a snack with your child, please put it in a container as opposed to a plastic bag. Plastic bags are considered safety hazards for preschoolers per the Colorado Health Dept.


Important Dates:

1. Wednesday, Feb. 14th – Valentine’s Day parties! Parents, siblings, and extended family are welcome. I will have another slide show prepared, there will be snacks, and we will have crafts for you to do with your kids  Times are as follows: AM CLASS 10:30 – 11:10 am, PM CLASS 2:25 – 3:05 pm. On Monday I will send an updated list of what we still need as far as donations. Please do not feel obligated to donate! 

2.Thursday, Feb. 15th – MORNING CLASS ONLY. From 9 to about 9:20 the dad of a child in our morning class, who is an air traffic controller, will be talking to the kids about his line of work. He has some fun hands-on activities planned, and the kids will love it!

3.Thursday, Feb. 15th – Visit from a dentist. A dentist will be coming to talk to each class about dental hygiene because it is Dental Awareness Month. Each child will receive a goody bag. She will also be doing exams for children that qualify and who have turned in their permission slip. If you qualify, you will have already received a permission slip.

4. Monday, Feb. 19th - Signed ILP's DUE back to me.

5.Wednesday, Feb. 21st & Thursday, Feb. 22nd – Papa John’s PTO fundraiser at the Papa John’s by Safeway on Colorado Blvd. The school will earn 25% of sales!

6. Monday, Feb. 26th  – February book orders DUE. I earn “bonus points” for book orders made, and I use these points to buy materials for our classroom 

7. Monday, Feb. 26th – Thursday, March 1st - Dr. Seuss week! More information to come! 

What we learned the last couple of weeks:

· Letters: XxYyZz

· Numbers: 10, 11

· Colors: Pink; orange (yellow + red = orange)

· Shapes: Hexagon, octagon; cylinder

· STEM: We continued with our transportation unit! We learned a little bit about airplanes and how they fly, and we talked about boats.


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