Ms. Holly's Update 3-12-18

Hello Families!

Here is some important information for you all:

Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

As always don’t be shy – form a line starting near the door so we can see you, please  Also, due to new safety measures, we are asking parents to please not let your children run in the large field behind our door where you pick-up and drop-off. Thank you for your cooperation!

Important Dates

Tuesday, March 13: We will be taking our first trip to the Computer Lab! Learning to use a computer is important for preschoolers because Kindergartners are expected to know how to type their name and use a mouse. Mouse skills are challenging, so we will be focusing on this. Later in the year, if the children have mastered using the mouse, they can play other games which are entirely educational.

Wednesday, March 14, 8:30 to 10am: Parent volunteer training.

Thursday, March 15, 9am: DANCE PARTY in the classroom for earning Star Powers. 

Thursday, March 15: PAJAMA DAY! $1 to participate. Proceeds go to PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization); PTO then uses the money to benefit Spark!

Sunday, March 18, 11am – 6pm: PTO Fundraiser at Peel Handcrafted Pizza in Frederick.

Monday, March 19: We are going to the LIBRARY for the 2nd time! If your child checked out a book, it needs to be returned ON orBEFORE this day, or they cannot check out another one 

Tuesday, March 20: We are going to Makerspace to explore all of the fun engineering activities that are there!

Tuesday, March 20: If your child sold Butter Braids, they will be available for pickup this day in the cafeteria from 11:10am – 5pm.

Wednesday, March 21: ROCK YOUR SOCKS DAY! This is another “crazy sock” day, this time in support of World Down Syndrome Day.

Friday, March 23: NO WRAPAROUND for those of you who have children enrolled in Wraparound. There is also NO SCHOOL across our entire district (SVVSD) for those of you who also have children in elementary school and above!

Right now, we are studying Nursery Rhymes for the next few weeks. Last week and next week we focused on/will focus on Twinkle, Twinkle Little StarHey, Diddle Diddle; and Starlight, Starbright. We are going to begin practicing rhyming, and for our STEM connection we have been talking about one of my favorite subjects, the Apollo missions to the Moon! In our Dramatic Play area there is a “moonscape” scene and a pretend Lunar Lander the kids can sit in. I will send some pictures later this week, I hope…or you can stop in and check it out yourselves!

Have a great week, everyone! See you all tomorrow!

~Ms. Holly & Ms. Michelle


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