Ms. Holly's Update 8-27-18

What a wonderful first week we had at school! I was very impressed with the children's ability to follow routines and transition between activities from the very first day of school. Here is what we focused on this week: 
  • Circle Time rules ("Eyes are watching, ears are listening, mouth is quiet, body is calm.")
  • Kid of the Day (teacher's helper chosen at random each day; given compliments by teachers and other children)
  • Safety rules ("I keep myself safe, I keep my friends safe, I keep my things safe.")
  • "Red" and "Green" choices (Red = not good choices, "Boooo!;" Green = good choices, "Yaaaay!")
  • Proper use of materials such as scissors, glue, magnifying glasses, craft supplies, etc.
  • Cleaning up toys before moving on to another area.
Next week we will be starting some new things:
  • Introducing the alphabet through a fun character called "Mat Man" (Mat Man Video). Mat Man will help the children learn the basic components of which letters are made: big and little curves, and big and little lines. 
  • Assessments: I will begin to assess the children's knowledge of concepts such as letter recognition, letter sounds, counting, shape identification, etc. This helps me and my paras know how to "tweak" learning activities to fit each child's individual needs.
A few reminders: 
  • If you would like, please send a water bottle labeled with your child's name to school. We will keep these at schoolMonday through Thursday and send them home on Thursdays to be washed.
  • If you have not already, please send a family photo/partial family photo/picture of child with pets, etc. for our Family Tree. 
  • Please no Ziploc bags for extra clothing or extra snacks as these are choking hazards for preschoolers. 
  • Please turn in all orientation forms with a green dot in the upper right corner. We are required to have these forms on file for your child.
  • We are asking that you now please drop off your children at Door 12 instead of Door 9. A letter explaining why is attached to this newsletter.
  • I have attached the Orientation Power Point for your convenience.
Thank you all for making the first week of school a success! 
~Ms. Holly, Ms. Leanne, and Ms. Lisa


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