Ms. Jill's Update 1-5-18


Ms. Jill & Ms. Hilary’s monthly newsletter

Description: Image result for Hello Talking BubbleHAPPY NEW YEAR!

         THANK YOU….

  • For all of the wonderful gifts & well wishes over the holiday season! Hilary & I are VERY lucky to share our days with your children & their awesome families!

BOOKS WE LOVED from January, 2018

  • Four Seasons Make A Year by Anne Rockwell/Illustrated by Megan Halsey

We will continue to learn that every book has a front, back and spine! We will also continue to remember that there is a person who writes the book, called an author and a person who draws the pictures, called an illustrator. Ask your child about them when you read your next book!


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We have been through the entire alphabet! We will continue to review letters and letter sounds! Please continue to review them at home with your child.

Our Show-n-Tell Thursdays will be discontinued. Please remind your child to leave toys at home. We don’t want anything to get lost. Thanks for your support.

We will now concentrate on learning some basic sight words, color words, and number words. Ask your child about the following words over the next couple of weeks!

January 1st – review of all letters & sounds, green, one, two

January 8th – a & I, blue, three, four

January 15th – is, purple, five, six

January 22nd – am, brown, seven, eight

  Colors, Shapes & Numbers…. Oh my! We are learning our colors by song AND in Spanish. Ask your child how to say our color in Spanish, they are so proud of themselves! We will begin learning about 3D shapes for the New Year and how we can find them in our daily lives (i.e.: cone > ice cream cone). We will learn numbers by quantity, writing them, finding them on a number line and bundling them by fives & tens! Busy, Busy, Busy!

January 1st – green/verde, cylinder, 1 & 2

January 8th – blue/azul, cone, 3 & 4

January 15th – purple/purpura, cube, 5 & 6

January 22nd – brown/marron, sphere, 7 & 8

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  • We will continue our WEATHER UNIT through the week of January 15. Our concentration will be on THE FOUR SEASONS.

  • Our next unit will be ROADS! January 22 – February 23


  Don’t forget to help your child return their library book every 2 weeks! If they return it they can choose another book! We hope they are cuddling up with you for a special story time.

  • AM & PM Classes – 1st & 3rd  Thursday


  • If your child was born before Oct 1, 2013, please remember to register them for kindergarten!

  • Please check your child’s backpack each day just in case we have placed information in there for you. Also, please clean it out on a regular basis.

  • Remember to look for Thursday folders every Thursday and to return it and anything else, back to school on Monday.

  • Please send your child with a backpack EVERY day. We have reminded our student’s that it is their responsibility to remember it. Tip – teach your child how to put all of their belongings that they will need to take with them for the next day at the door as part of their bedtime routine. Helps them learn independence!

  • We go outside EVERYDAY down to 20 degrees. This means we need to bundle up to stay safe and warm outside. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately and has a warm coat, hat, scarf, boots and gloves with them EVERYDAY through the cold weather months. On days they wear boots, please pack a change of shoes for inside. Thanks for your support!


  What to work on at home:

  • INDEPENDENCE! It is coat, hat, mitten & boot season. Let your child try to put on everything by themselves. Encourage them to try, try, try!! Of course, they can also use their manner words to ask for help after they have given it their best.

  • LETTER RECOGNITION, LETTER SOUNDS, & SITE WORDS (especially for those students going to kindergarten next year).

  • Review with your child our rules for sitting & participating in a group.

  • Sitting “criss-cross”.

  • Keeping hands to ourselves.

  • Having a quiet mouth.

  • Raising our hand, waiting to be called on, having an answer to the specific question.

Spark! December Calendar:

Jan. 15 – Martin Luther King Day – NO SCHOOL!

PTO Calendar of Events:

Jan. 4 – PTO General Meeting 6-8pm

Jan. TBD - Spirit Night at Papa Johns

Jan. 25 - Spirit Day – Pay $1 to wear your Jammies to school!

(Ms. Jill’s class will participate on Thursdays!)

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