Ms. Jo's Update 1-12-18

Dear Families,

We finished our STEM unit on nursery rhymes this week.  We worked in groups, drew a plan on paper to keep humpty dumpty from cracking when he falls off the wall, protected him using tape, toilet paper, crape paper, and or cotton balls.  Each group only had one egg and teachers could not help.   After each group finished their design, we tested them.  We built a wall three rulers high and gently tipped Humpty off the wall.  Please ask your student if they protected Humpty enough.  

This week we also did measurement, prediction, writing, reading groups, and determined which number is higher or lower.  

For the next two weeks we will be finishing our assessments on all three preschool classrooms.  Most of this is done during choice time through games and observing your student play.  We have seen so much growth since fall.  Thank you for partnering with us.  We can’t do it alone!


Please make sure to look at your student’s folders each week and return them early the next week.  


We have decided to send home twiggle more than once a week on our MWF class.  Starting next week, that class will be taking Twiggle home on Mondays and Fridays. If there is no school on Monday then it will be Wednesday for that week.   We are in January and not every student has had the opportunity to take him home yet.  Thank you for your patience.


Winter conferences will be Monday,February 5th, Tuesday, February 6th and Wednesday, February 7th.  I look forward to our time together! More details will be going home very soon.

No School days in January

Friday, January 12th - teacher work day

Monday, January 15th- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Friday, January 26th- Teacher Strategies Gold due date for Teachers.  

2018 Free Days in Colorado

 For more information go to:

The Longmont Museum is free this Saturday the 12th

Denver Botanic Gardens is free this Monday the 15th

The Denver Zoo and the Denver Fire Museum are  free Saturday the 20th.  Check the website out if you are interested.  


Pet STEM Unit

We will begin our new stem unit on Pets Monday, January 22nd.  If you know of a veterinarian who does outreach for schools, please let me know.  We would love to have them come and talk to us about taking care of our pets.  

Wish list

We are in need of rubber bands, pipecleaners, duct tape and or painters tape, and white glue.  Thank you for considering!

We hope you have a great weekend!  Please reach out if you have any questions,


Jo and Stephanie

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