Ms. Jo's update 11-3-17

Ms. Jo's & Ms. Stephanie's Weekly update for October 30th 2017

Hi Families,

We hope you had a great week.  We had a fun week learning about robotics. This week was our second week learning about robotics.  The first week we learned that robots have sense such as: sight, feel, hear.  We explored the robot cubelets.  This week our focus was about programming robots.  We explored Dash this week.  Dash can be programmed from the ipad and can talk, move, change colors.  The students enjoyed moving him around.  We will be exploring more with Dash next week as well.  Our letters this week was Kk and Rr.  The color was pink.  Our number was 10 and shape was a cube.  Either this week or last week, all classes went to makerspace.  This is a room in Spark where they can build with new materials that aren’t in the classroom and explore STEM items.  We also had some Halloween fun and made slime and played pumpkin alphabet bingo.  Every student got to go into the treasure chest for playing.  Some students played bat counting.  They graphed and counting how many black or orange bats they pulled out of the box.  


There is a lot of information in this week’s folders.  Please make sure you check your student’s backpack.  You will find November snack schedule, reading log, handwriting sheets, boxtop sheet,  scholastic book order forms and information about Kindergarten and preschool registration dates.  

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book Orders due: No later than Friday, November 10th.  This will allow time to receive the books before our Thanksgiving break which starts on the 18th.  

You will also be receiving another email this weekend for the November News.  We hope you have a fantastic weekend.  Please reach out if you have any questions or comments.  



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