Ms. Jo's update 2-10-18

Ms. Jo’s and Ms. Stephanie’s Weekly update for February 5, 2018


Dear Families,

Thank you for attending your preschooler’s conference.  I really enjoyed sharing the amazing growth that your young student is doing this year.  

This past week we did a lot of math work.  We compared height, more, less and  equal to on scales.  We worked on shapes, counting, and numeral recognition.  For literacy our focus was letter sounds, letter recognition, emergent readers and sight words and writing formation through our journals.  

Classroom/learning environment

Our focus during small groups are all about differentiating.  Every student can learn and each learner is unique which makes us all special! We are focusing on what each student needs to grow and reach their next milestone.  This week during whole group, I emphasized that we are all working on something even teachers.  Your friend beside you may be working on a skill that you already know. Most classes are a mixed age group which means ages from three to five.   We have noticed that students are noticing what they can and cannot do.  Please help and partner with us.  Our classroom environment is a growth mindset room.  We help each other, we model for each other and we try new things. We do not want our students to compare each other although we can learn from one another.  We are all working on something.  I try to reiterate “it’s what we haven’t learned yet not what we don’t know”!


Next Week

It’s Valentine’s week.  We will have a lot of activities focusing on this holiday.  Please remember to either make or buy Valentine’s for each student.  We are making or have made Valentine’s bags.  Please only  write your students names on the Valentines.  You can leave it blank or write to friend.  They will be passing out their card.  

Valentine's Day Party

Families are welcome.  

Tuesday/Thursday AM class will be from 10:30-11:10  on Tuesday the 13th bring Valentine’s at drop off please.  We have 11 students

MWF AM class will be from 10:30-11:10 on Wed. the 14th bring your Valentine’s at drop off.  We have 16 students.

Monday-Thursday PM class will be from 2:25-3:05 on Wed. the 14th bring your Valentine’s at drop off.  We have 11 students.  

Thursday the 15th we will have a dental visit about dental hygiene.  MWF Class will have it the following week.  

No School Friday, February 16th and Monday, February 19th!  I believe there is wrap around on Friday the 16th but please double check if you are a regular to wrap.  


Please look for another email about resources, app and other information that you can do at home with your student to increase letter recognition, letter sounds, and math skills.  This will be through games and activities.  I do not believe in worksheets and you will seldom see them besides what our school passes out weekly.  As always, we cannot teach your student alone.  Thank you for partnering with us.  If you have any questions, please reach out.  


Have a great snowy weekend!


Jo and Stephanie

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