Ms. Jo's update 4-16-18

Dear Families,


We completed our STEM Unit on weather this past week.  All students participated in the design challenge. Some preschoolers worked in pairs while others worked in groups of 5.  The process was: map out a maze, design it with blocks and then use our breath with the help of straws to blow a pom, pom and/or ping pong ball through the maze.  This was very tricky for several but they kept on trying and figured it out. It was a successful design challenge. The students also worked on rhyming, alliteration which is same sound beginning words, played number bingo, were authors and illustrators and worked on individual needs for academics.  



The month of April will be our last visit to our school library.   If your student has a book at home please put it in your student’s backpack.  we will be collecting them. Students will not be checking out books. Instead, all  preschoolers will be receiving a book to keep when they come to library this week. Reading is so important that the state of Colorado participates in a reading incentive program and gives one book a year to all preschool age students.  We hope you and your student enjoys the book.


Next Week:

We will be starting our last STEM unit of the year called transportation.  In your students’ folder, there is some information about this unit. As always, if you have experience and want to help with this unit.  Please let us know. We would love to have you as a guest and show off your knowledge about transportation.

  • April 19: AM and PM Class: library

  • April 19 PM CLASS ONLY - evacuation drill will be taking place in the afternoon.  Please see the important letter that went home in folders.

  • April 19 - 20:  PBIS reward - Student Choice ( we will vote Monday/Tuesday)

  • April 20:  School Carnival, 5-7 pm, sponsored by the PTO --


PALS Assessment

Last week, staff started administering the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS) on all students who are eligible  for Kindergarten in the 2018/2019 school year. This is the assessment tool they use in Kindergarten to track their literacy progress and students will be assessed again at the start of Kindergarten.  We do the assessment so parents know where their students are in literacy. I will be sending home a piece of paper in May once I have received the information. I do not assess my own students. Other Spark teachers and paras will assess my students and I will be assessing some students in another classroom.  


Ms. Rose and Ms. Brenda:

Rose will be working with me Monday- Thursday and Brenda will be working with me on Fridays.  If you haven’t met these wonderful ladies, please do.



I have a lot of openings  in April for volunteers. If you are a classroom volunteer and want to help out please sign up.  Remember, you do not have to help the whole class period. Thanks for consideration.



Please keep on saving toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, small boxes,  plastic containers, lids for prototyping. We run out weekly. We are in need of

pony beads

Pom, pom

tape: duct tape, painters tape and or masking tape.


Have a great week! As always, reach out if you have any questions.


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