Ms. Jo's Update 4-7-18

Ms. Jo’s weekly update for April 2, 2018


Dear Families,


It sure doesn’t feel like spring today!  Thank you for sending appropriate clothing for your preschooler.  You never know what mother nature has in stored for us in April.

Academic Focus:

This past week, our focus was about the four seasons, letters xyz, numbers 8,18, shapes cone and triangle and color yellow.  We were authors and wrote about our favorite weather and illustrated it with pictures. They learned when you are a writer you write your name, think about what you want to write about, illustrate a picture then put words down for your thoughts.  There are different stages of writing but everyone can write. In the next week or so I will share with you our writing process so you can encourage your student to continue to write at their level during the summer months. We worked on ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th), colored by number activity, focused on pointer power for reading groups.  This helps with tracking words. If your student isn’t reading yet, it teaches them that you read from left to write and letters make words and words have meaning. We did some rhyming and beginning sound work as well.

Paraprofessional Update:

We have hired a long term sub to finish out the school year.  I am very excited to welcome Ms. Rose. Rose is a retired kindergarten teacher.  She taught many years at Frederick Elementary School. She is a wonderful addition to our staff and has worked as a substitute teacher and a substitute  paraprofessional at Spark for several years. Rose worked with me last year for at least 6 weeks. Many students already know her. Welcome Ms. Rose to our class! We are excited to have you!!!

Week of April 9th:

We will be wrapping up our STEM unit on weather.  We will be doing our design challenge this week. Our academic focus will be design challenge, letters f,l,h,e, numbers 9/19, shapes square and cube and color green.  We will be working on sight words, blending sounds such as: ch,th, sh and other phonological awareness skills.

Friday the 13th: MWF AM class will be going to the library.   

Please reach out if you have any questions.



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