Ms. Jo's update 5-12-18



This week the students were very busy learning and exploring about transportation on land.  We learned about road signs and took a mock up driver’s test toward the end of the week. All students earned their pretend license and could tell the teachers what a traffic light means, stop sign, yield sign and a pedestrian crossing.  Students also worked on measuring items with rulers , worked on sight words, letters and or letter sounds. If your preschooler is going on to kindergarten in the fall, for the next week will be working on a memory book of this years favorites.


Please remember to look at your students’ folders.  There was a special mother’s day gift and if your preschool participated in our PALS assessment there is information regarding the results.  We had a lot of birthday celebrations so make sure you look in your child’s backpack for goodie bags. There will be birthday celebrations everyday this week and next.  

Next Week:

We will be wrapping up our transportation stem unit. Our focus will be our design challenge and come up with new ways to help McToad get home faster from Tiny Island. The students will work in groups to design, prototype and test their transportation vehicle.


I hope you enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

Please reach out if you have any questions,


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