Ms. Jo's Update 5-8-17

Ms. Jo’s weekly update May 8th

Good Morning Families,

We had a fun week exploring our STEM unit making music.  Our focus was all about woodwind instruments.  We learned that they are called woodwinds because humans need to blow into a hole in the instrument to make the sound come out.  Some classes listened to the Thunder Valley percussion group.  I wish they could have come on Tuesday as well but we couldn’t make it work.  Ms. Jenn came in during the afternoon this week and performed a woodwind instrument called the clarinet.

We played games that focused on colors, numbers and letters this week.  We also made a pipe flute made out of straws.  During outside time this week, many students dug in the rocks to find worms and looked for ladybugs near the garten.  

This coming week:

This will be our final week studying Music.  We will be performing a song to Ms. Eden’s classes and they will be performing for us.  This will be our stem challenge.  Please make sure you are looking at your preschoolers folders or if you have lost your folder make sure you check their backpack.  There has been important information in them.  This week, you will find two summer packets with activities to do with your preschooler.

Thurs-Fri May 18th and 19th is PJ DAy sponsored by PTO

Thank you for all of the cards, hugs, treats and gifts I received during teacher appreciation week.  I am overwhelmed with the love I felt.  I appreciate all of you for partnering with me to educate your preschooler.  I wish all of the mama’s a Happy Mother’s Day!  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  It will be lovely weather.



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