Ms. Jo's Update 9-8-17

Ms. Jo’s and Ms. Stephanie’s weekly update for September 5th

Dear Families,

It was a short week for some but we packed in a lot of hands on learning this week.  We learned about letters Ll and Ff.  We built them with wooden big lines and small lines, then magnets to form the letters, used chalk boards, and finally rolled the letters out of play dough.  We found objects that were yellow for our color of the week plus found two items to help us comprehend the number two.  Some of the students measured their hands and feet with unifix blocks.


All three classes earned their first PBIS reward this week.  We had parachute play in the gym.  This is a big deal.  There is a certain number of class star powers that we need to obtain for the month.  Congratulate your preschooler on achieving our goal!


We started our STEM unit on health and exercise.  This weeks focus was about our bodies.  We watched a video about our heart and if our heart is healthy our bodies can stay healthy too..  We learned some new vocabulary words such as: veins and chambers.


You will find some flyers, art and practice writing sheets for letter Ll and Ff.  

Center highlights for the week::  We always have kitchen in our dramatic play but we added a doctor’s office toward the end of the week.  The students enjoyed having water in the sensory table. At science, many students explored the parts of the human body.  You could look at a heart, liver, brain, stomach, etc. Trying to put it all back together is a challenge even for the teachers! We sorted fruits and veggies by colors in math center and created tons of art.  

Family Photo:

If you haven’t emailed or send in a family photo, please do. We like to look at our families and talk about them throughout the day.  It also helps some friends if they are having a hard time being away from you.

Twiggle the turtle adventure

Starting next week, we will randomly pick a student once a week to take home our classroom turtle.  We encourage preschoolers and their family to write, draw, or insert pictures of their adventure in the journal.  When Twiggle and the bag return to school, the student shares with the class what they did.  This is a great way to build our language skills and teaches responsibility. .  It does take a long time to get through the class so we also learn about patience.  


All three classes for the month of August had at least 96% attendance.  Thank you for bringing your student to school.  Learning starts at preschool and if your student isn’t here then they miss a great learning opportunity with their teachers and friends.  

Important dates for next week:

Wed., Sept. 13th5-7:30PM PTO event at McDonald's in Firestone. Some of the proceeds goes to our school!

Thurs. Sept.14th6:30-7:45PM-Parenting class- free for all parents- Cheryl Hamilton, the family Whisperer.  

Fri. Sept. 15th: Book orders are due.  I will be placing them at the end of the day.  Thanks so much for ordering.

Sat. Sept. 16th: Miner’s Day - City of Frederick -9-12 we have a parade float and we need volunteers. If you are interested, please call the office.

Enjoy your weekend.   Always reach out if you have any questions.



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