Ms. Kiersten's class update 5-11-18

Happy Mother's Day!  We hope all the cards got home to you safely.  (Even if they may have been given to you a bit early!)

Our room has been buzzing this last week as we explore robots with Beebots, Hex Bugs, and now Code-a-pillar.  We learned this week that programmers are the people who tell robots what to do using programs written in code.  Code-a-pillar did a wonderful job of making this learning concrete as each action we wanted it to do required we put a new piece on.  Playing Robot Turtles also let us see how programmers plan each step along the way to get to their goal.

With the end of the year fast approaching, we are busy finishing our math journals and working on a review of the letters and sounds.  We are also beginning to look at changes that may be coming in an effort to help transition students into summer and possibly new schools or classrooms.  Towards that end, could you please send me a quick note letting me know where your child is going for school next year?   It is very reassuring to students when they know someone who will be going to school with them.
For our final day of school, Ms. Toni and I are planning a party.  We will start in the classroom at 10:25 for the morning class and 2:20 for the afternoon class then head outside for popsicles and bubbles.  (We are hoping for good weather!)  We have you sign your student out before we go outside.  We will be asking for a few donations for the party so be on the lookout tomorrow.
I've learned that sometimes families leave early for vacation.  If your child will not be with us for the last day(s) of school, please let me know.  Ms. Toni and I want to make sure they have all of their artwork and also want to say goodbye.
Thank you all for the many wonderful treats last week.  Ms. Toni and I loved all the surprises!
Ms. Kiersten


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