Ms. Marie's Update 8-25-19

Ms. Marie’s Update 08/25/19

Dear Preschool Families and Friends,                                                           

We had lots of fun our first week of school!  The children are making new friends while they are learning.  We have been teaching the routines and activities in our classroom and how to treat each other. It’s such a delight to get to know each student! 


Please remember to send in your Thursday folder on Monday.  We have information and student work to send home to you!  

Please return the All About Me bags as soon as you can.  We will invite each child to share the contents of their bag this week and next.  

If you have any paperwork that needs to be turned in, please complete it and return it as soon as possible.

Please email or send in a family picture if you haven’t already!


Thank you for adjusting your schedules so you arrive promptly and consistently every day and staying with your children in line! 

This Week

Our focus this coming week is to continue learning about each other and the routines and expectations at school.  In addition, this week we will be covering the following:

Color: Green

Shape: rectangle

Number: 1    

Straight and Curved lines with Mat Man

ABC song

Pencil grip

PATHS SE – We all have feelings. Happy and Sad feelings will be highlighted

We say the ABC’s periodically to begin teaching children the letters of the alphabet.  Many children know how to say them in order.  It is familiar to them and they enjoy it.  However, saying the ABCs in order or singing the ABC song does not mean that children know their letters.  We will begin next week teaching children individual letters of the alphabet focusing on two per week.  Throughout preschool, children are beginning to learn how to identify and produce the sound of letters shown to them in a random order.  This is a prereading skill of alphabet knowledge that takes time to develop.  The emphasis in preschool is exposing students to content in fun and age-appropriate ways.  

We have a bean bin in our classroom!  What is a bean bin?  It’s a big bin with beans in it that a child can sit in.  Some children find it helpful to relax when they are upset.  If you find some beans in your child’s clothing, it may have come from the bean bin.

Donations:  Thank you so much for your generous donations!  

It is a joyful adventure to help your children learn and grow!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ms. Marie at

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