Ms. Mary's Update 3-19-2020

Hi Families,

I hope you are all doing well.   I am currently playing with some other ways to send videos.
Spring Break begins tomorrow for St. Vrain Valley School District.
If you are looking for some things to do, here are some ideas :)
1.  Try to read every day.  You can use myon, the scholastic link, any book you have at your house :)
2.  Have your students use drawing and writing tools.
Students can draw a picture of him/herself and label it with his/her name.  The students are great at drawing and writing about things that inspire him/her.   Rainbows are always a big hit in both classes.  So are hearts.
You might all sit down as a family and do some drawing and writing together.  Modeling this behavior really can help students.  (For example:  Adults might be writing a grocery or home depot list, brother/sister might be drawing/writing a comic strip
or a detailed picture etc.)
3.  Try this link:
-- students love Banana, Banana, Meatball, Monster Freeze Dance and Left and Right Robot.  Let them teach you.  Maybe have a family dance party!
With my very best to each of you,
Mary Stivison
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