Ms. Megan's Update 1-5-18

Good Morning! 

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Important Dates:
1/15: No School- MLK Day
1/25: Pajama Day
2/5-2/8: Conferences 
During the Week:
  • Our movement song was,  Drive My Car.  This was such a fun song to move to.  Students got to pretend to drive the car.  They made lights flash, pressed the gas, and more! 
  • Ms. Ruth's lesson focused around transportation.  She talked about boats, cars, and buses.  We also worked on following directions by passing objects to our friends.  We also got to sing one of our favorite songs! 
  • Our main focus this week was road transportation.  We talked about cars, trains, bikes, and buses. We explored these types through our work time activities and whole group activities. 
  • Our books this week was, "Go Car Go!".  It talked about all the different types of transportation we learned about in our unit. It also has fun repetitive language for students to read along with!  You can find your own copy of this book online, for free!
  • Mr. Ty came in and worked with us on writing our letter P and working on lines.  He also worked with us on our scissor skills. 
  • Our core word was teacher.  We learned the sign for teacher and had to find all the teachers in our classroom. 
Ms. Megan's Work Time:
  • We learned about the letter Pp.  We talked about what Pp looks like and sounds like.  We even talked about somethings that start with Pp.  We got to decorate our Pp's but using watercolor paint.  We loved learning about how paint starts with the letter P! 
  • We did dump truck counting.  We had large dump trucks that needed a certain number of rocks in it.  We worked on counting objects up to 5. 
  • We searched for uppercase and lowercase Pp's on our police cars.  We used two different color dotters to find them!  
Ms. Samantha's/Ms. Val's Work Time:
  • Worked on building the letter Pp- both uppercase and lowercase.  We read a letter Pp book.  We practiced tracking words, holding the book the right way, and looking at both the words and pictures.  After reading we got to color the pictures in our book! 
  • We worked on our math journals.  We had to find objects that were different from the rest.   
  • We worked on our transportation books that talks about the different types of transportation we have learned about. 
We focused on...
  • The color pink (we checked each day to see who was wearing the color pink)
  • The number seven (how to write it, how many objects it represents, and how to count to it)  
  • The shape: square 
  • The letter: Pp
Next Week:
  • Unit: Literacy Focus: Bear Wants More (2 week long unit)
  • Book: Bear Wants More
  • Rhyme/Game/Poem/Song- Bears Counting Up
  • Number: 8
  • Color: White 
  • Shape: Triangle 
  • Letter: Bb
  • Core Word: box


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