Ms. Megan's update 12-1-17

Good Afternoon!

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Important Dates:
12/13-12/14: PJ Days
12/14: Classroom Winter Celebration 
12/18-1/1: Winter Break (no school)
Classroom News:
  • Winter celebrations will be on Thursday, December 14th. The AM session will be from 10:30-11:10 and the PM session will be from 2:25-3:05.  You are welcome to join us!
  • We are in need of classroom donations of paper towels.  We appreciate the donations you are able to provide! 

During the Week:
  • Our movement song was, The Airplane Song. We got to pretend to be airplane and fly to many different locations.  Then we had to listen what we had to do when we landed. 
  • Ms. Ruth's lesson focused around transportation.   This was a huge hit, we even did the signs for each mode of transportation. 
  • Our core word was fall.  The kids helped build a tower and then made it fall down by knocking it over. We also practiced saying the word and making the sign. 
  • Our song this week match our theme of airplanes.  This is such a cute song and video! 
  • We learned all about air travel this week.  We even looked out our classroom window and saw a hot air balloon landing! 
 Ms. Megan's Work Time:
  • We learned about the letter Ss.  We talked about what Ss looks like and sounds like.  We even talked about somethings that start with Ss.  We got to decorate our S's with some cut out stars! 
  • We rolled a giant dice with numbers listed on it for 1-6.  We then had to find all the numbers that matched on the dice on the paper.  We did this three times with three different numbers!
  • We did the positional airplane book.  We used our pointer fingers to read the text and then place the airplane in the correct spot.   You can read this book at home with your child! 
  • We worked on playing with peers. 
Ms. Samantha's/Ms. Val's Work Time:
  • Worked on building the letter Ss- both uppercase and lowercase.  We read a letter Ss book.  We practiced tracking words, holding the book the right way, and looking at both the words and pictures.  After reading we got to color the pictures in our book! 
  • We finished our number 6 books.  We had to count six objects as well as find all the number 6's. 
  • We worked on finding all the uppercase letter B's and lowercase letter b's.  We used two different colors to help us hunt for them. 
  • We decorated airplanes.  We used our fine motor skills to rip tissue paper and glue onto our airplanes. 
We focused on...
  • The color yellow (we checked each day to see who was wearing the color yellow)
  • The number four (how to write it, how many objects it represents, and how to count to it)  
  • The shape: heart
  • The letter: Ss
Next Week:
  • Unit: Transportation- Water Travel 
  • Book- Boats by Reading A-Z
  • Rhyme/Game/Poem/Song- Row Row Row Your Boat
  • Number: 5
  • Color: Orange
  • Shape: Star
  • Letter: Jj
  • Core Word: look


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