Ms. Megan's update 2-11-18

Hello Preschool Families!

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Important Dates:
2/14: Valentines Classroom Celebration 
2/19: No School
Valentines Day Celebration:
You are welcome to join us for a fun Valentines day celebration.  We will be having our classroom celebrations on:
AM- Wednesday, February 14, from 10:30 - 11:10 am 
PM- Wednesday, February 14, from - 2:25 - 3:05 pm
We will be celebrating by passing out cards, eating a fun snack, and crafts! We hope to see you all there! 
Donations Needed:
- Little paper cups for snack
During the Week:
  • Our movement song this week was, Shake Your Body Down.  This was a fun song to dance along to.  We enjoyed listening to the directions for what body part we had to shake.  We had to make sure use our listening ears and eyes (2 senses) to follow along with the video. 
  • The book we read was called, Hearing.  This talked about how we use this sense and what we can use our ears to hear.  We played many fun games using our listening ears. 
  • Our core word was, up.  We worked on saying the word along with signing the word.  We had to make the object go up, up, up when we heard the song saying, "make the toy go up, up, up."  
  • Our game this week was about trying to guess different sounds.  We used this video where we had to listen to the sound, read the question, and then guess.  
Ms. Megan's Work Time:
  • We learned about the letter Aa.  We talked about what Aa looks like and sounds like.  We even talked about items that start with Aa.  We decorated our A's by stamping half of an apple slice onto our A's. 
  • We did a 5 senses feeling and hearing game.  Students had to use their senses to guess what was in the jars.  We worked on using 2-3 words to request the object, request to open it, and label what was in the jar.  This was a huge hit! 
  • We talked about our 5 sense and how it allows us to explore our environment.  We then labeled our senses on our graphic organizer.   
Ms. Samantha's/Ms. Val's Work Time:
  • Worked on building the letter Aa- both uppercase and lowercase.  We read a letter Aa book.  We practiced tracking words, holding the book the right way, and looking at both the words and pictures.
  • We did a taste test where kids explored different tastes of sweet, sour, and salty.  They tried the foods and decided if they liked the test or did not like the taste. 
  • We worked on our play skills and our interactions with peers.  We worked on playing near or with friends and how to engage/enter a group. 
  • We worked on our cutting skills.  We worked on using one hand to stabilize the paper and the other to cut.  We make sure to point our thumbs to the sky while cutting.
We focused on...
  • The color brown (we checked each day to see who was wearing the color brown)
  • The number six (how to write it, how many objects it represents, and how to count to it)  
  • The shape: diamond
  • The letter: Aa
This Week:
  • Unit: Valentines 
  • Book: Happy Valentines Mouse/ Llama Llama I Love You
  • Rhyme/Game/Poem/Song- 5 Little Valentines 
  • Number: 7
  • Color: Red
  • Shape: Heart
  • Letter: Vv
  • Core Word: down


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