Ms. Megan's Update 3-17-17

Happy Beautiful Friday Preschool Families!

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Important Dates:
March 21- Field Trip to Thunder Valley's Music Program 
March 22- PBIS Reward 
March 27-30- No School: Spring Break 
April 5- Butter Braids Order From Due 
April 13- Butter Braids Delivered and Ready to be Picked Up (by 3pm)
Important Information:
PTO Fundraiser 
We've been hatching up some dreams about making our already awesome playground even more grand! The PTO: Spark Discovery Preschool of St.Vrain is starting a fundraiser in Mid-March to sell butter=braids to help us make these dreams a reality, in addition to some grant writing we are going to do.

Due Dates- 
April 5- Butter Braids Order From Due 
April 13- Butter Braids Delivered and Ready to be Picked Up (by 3pm)
During the week: 
  • This week we explored different types of instruments.  We talked about what different instruments are called, what they sound like, and how they are played.  We explored this through creating a concpet map of all the instruments we already knew.  Read books on different books, held discussions, and watched videos. 
  • We wrote about the instrument we like the best.  We wrote the words to match the picture we drew.  We also worked on how to spell the instrument by stretching out the sounds we hear in the words. 
  • We played in a music store for dramatic play! We tested out the instruments we liked best, filled out an order sheet, and payed for our instrument.  Ask your child what instrument they liked best in the store. 
  • In the sensory table we pretended to play the piano and were able to create a piano on our own. 
  • In the math center we worked on identify numbers and their quantity. We had to put strings on the guitars to match the given number. 
  • In the art center we create our own maracas!  We are excited for next week to make our own guitars! 
  • We had our all school movement on Monday- where we danced and exercised our bodies and minds. We also had PJ day on Thursday
  • We worked on letter formation.  Kindergarten teachers gave us feedback and asked us to teach how to write in the lines.  Therefore, this week we worked on writing our letters in the lines and making sure we had correct formation.        
  • We continued our lesson on creating detailed pictures using story champs.  Students finished up their pictures and made sure to add details, colors, and pictures that we see and understand.    
  • We read an emergent reader called, "I like Instruments"- this went along with our sight word of the week.  Each group had to find the sight word and circle it.  We then read the book making sure to touch each word (tracking).  We read this by first listening to the teacher, reading it together, and by ourselves. 
  • Continued our March math journals. 
  • Rolled an instrument graphing activity- Students took turns rolling the die.  They were to then graph the instrument and made predictions on which instrument would fill up to the top first. 
  • Our letters this week was: Ll, Ff, Ee, Hh
  • Our number was 15
  • Our shape was prism 

Check out some of the poems and songs we learned about this week:
3D Shape Poem - 3D shapes are fat not flat.  A cone is like a party hat.  A sphere is like a bouncy ball.  A prism is like a building tall.  A cylinder is like a can of pop. A cube is like the dice you drop. 3D shapes are here and there, 3D shapes are everywhere! 
Letters- Who let the h out? /h/ /h/ /h/
Books read this week: 
It Sounds Like Music by Sarah Vazquez
My Family Plays Music by Judy Cox 
I Know a Shy Fellow Who Swallowed a Cello by Barbara Garriel
 Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin by Lloyd Moss
Pianos by Cynthia Amoroso 
What in the World is a Drum? by Mary Salzmann
Violins by Holly Saari
What in the World is a Flute? by Mary Salzmann
**My favorite books we read this week were: I Know a Shy Fellow Who Swallowed a Cello and My Family Plays Music 
Next week:
  • Letters:Tt, Ii, Uu, Cc
  • The number 16
  • Sight Word: me
  • The 3D shape: Pyramid 
  • Unit Focus- Music (Instruments Continued and Rhythm, Pitch, Tempo)
Weekly Challenge:
Try to make your own instrument using items around your house (pots, pans, plates, beans, rice, etc.).  Bring in the instrument you made to share with your friends! 
If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message, call, or schedule a meeting.  If there is any more information you would like to see in our weekly emails please let me know.


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