Ms. Megan's Update 4-10-17

Good Afternoon!

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Welcome back from spring break!  I have loved hearing about all the fun things you did as a family over break!  Read below to what we did this week-
Important Dates:
April 13- Butter Braids Delivered and Ready to be Picked Up (by 3pm)
April 27- Math Development Night (I hope you all can come it will be lead by myself, Ms. Alyssa, Ms. Kiersten, and Ms. Tori)
May 18- PBIS Reward
May 24- End of the year celebration and last day of school 

Important Information:
 We will be having a math development night at Spark! Discovery Preschool on April 27th from 6pm-7pm.  This event is free and childcare is provided.  During this time you will learn about how math skills develop in preschool aged children and how you can develop those skills at home.  We also will be doing a make and take where you will get to create math activities to bring home to use.  Examples include, pattern sticks, shape game board, measurement tubes, and more!  You will get to create 4 different activities as well as take home a few pre-made activities.  I hope you all can make it!  
During the week: 
  • We reviewed all of our 3D shapes we have learned this year!  We all and to name the shape and talk about what it looks like.  We also said our poem each day this week. We are looking forward to next week where we explore 3D shapes more in depth where we look at what shapes make the 3D shape. 
  • Our letters this week was Oo, Qq, Ss, and Gg. We talked about the name, sound, and objects that start with that letter.  We also had different kids pick the letter song we sang for each letter. 
  • We learned our very first blend!  We learned what the blend sh says (shhhh).  We talked about when two letters are together they can make a sound and this sound can help us read faster.  The students loved saying s-h says shhhh (like shark)
  • Our sight word was my.  We read a sight word book called, My Favorite Genre.  We talked about different music genres while looking for the sight word in the book. 
  • The number 17 was our special number this week.  We learned it is important to put the 1 first in 17 our else it is 71!
  • Explored Dot and Dash our robots.  We learned how to program Dash to make music.  Each student created their own verse on Dash and we played all of them together to make a song.  We have such composers in our classroom! 
  • We measured violins of different sizes with buttons and wrote the amount next to the violin.  Some violins had many buttons while others only had one. 
  • We sorted all of our 3D shapes based on real life objects. 
  • We sorted all of our 3D shapes by also coloring by specified color. 
  • Completed the writing prompt, "My favorite genre of music is"  We have such vast amount of genres we all like.  Examples include, country, marching band, classical, pop, and more!
  • During snack we listed to different genres of much these included hip hop (what makes ten), old country, new country, pop, rock, oldies, classical, and disco. 
  • We painted to pop, classical, and country music.  We painted how the music made us feel and how the beat of the music was.  This was such a fun activity!  The pictures will be sent home next week. 
  • Played propositional BINGO.  We had to find where the ball was and describe this location. 
  • Created a list of questions to ask Ms. Alyssa's class regarding what music they like best.  They will be asking these questions for our design challenge.  These questions will help us create a song for her class to enjoy. 
Check out some of the poems and songs we learned about this week:
3D Shape Poem - 3D shapes are fat not flat.  A cone is like a party hat.  A sphere is like a bouncy ball.  A prism is like a building tall.  A cylinder is like a can of pop. A cube is like the dice you drop. 3D shapes are here and there, 3D shapes are everywhere! 
Letters- Who let the h out? /h/ /h/ /h/
Letters- What does h say? What does h say? /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/

Books read this week: 
Music Right Next to the Zoo 
I Got the Rhythm 
This Jazz Man 

**My favorite book we read this week was: I Got the Rhythm (ask your child what their favorite was)
Next week:
  • Letters: Pp, Bb, Dd, and Jj
  • The number 18
  • Sight Word: look
  • The 3D shape: exploring what shapes make up a cylinder 
  • Unit Focus- Music (Design Challenge): Design a musical experience for Ms. Alyssa's class
Weekly Challenge:
Paint to three more different songs and how they make you feel.  Try painting to disco, pop, and rock. Talk about how you feel while painting to someone. 


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