Ms. Megan's Update 4-10-17

Good Afternoon!

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For all of those who celebrate Easter, I hope you all have a wonderful day with family!  Here is this weeks preschool update (it was a great week):
Important Dates:
April 27- Math Development Night (I hope you all can come it will be lead by myself, Ms. Alyssa, Ms. Kiersten, and Ms. Tori)
May 18- PBIS Reward
May 24- End of the year celebration and last day of school 
Important Information:
  • Butter braids have been delivered to the school.  If you did not pick up your braids last week you can come pick them up from the office this week.  They have been kept fresh in the freezer for you and your family!
  • We have started PALS testing with all of our students who are 4 or 5 years old who will be attending kindergarten next year. I will be sending home a sheet with your students scores, strengths, and areas to work on over summer.  This will be sent home as as soon as the testing has been completed.
  • Please fill out the anonymous school survey that was sent home in Thursday folders and please return them as soon as possible this week.  This survey is to help us improve as a school and classroom. Thank you for your participation in making our school a better place to learn! 
During the week: 
  • We worked on the letters Jj, Dd, Bb, and Pp.  We learned a fun little poem to help us remember which lowercase letter is a b and p.  You can see the poem below!
  • We watched Ms. Alyssa's interview regarding the questions we asked her as a class to help us create a performance for her class. We asked the questions: Do you like loud music or quiet? Fast or slow music? What type of music? What instruments?  What are your favorite songs?  We learned her class likes quiet music that is fast and fun.  Her class also like instruments such as maracas, drums, and guitars.  Her class also liked the songs wheels on the bus and BINGO. 
  • After watching the video and discussing her response we voted as a class on our performance.  We voted on what song to sing (BINGO or Wheels on the Bus) and if we should make our own instruments or use ones we already have in the classroom.  Both classes voted for BINGO as well as using instruments we already had.  We used drums, bells, maracas, tambourines, and more! 
  • Every day we practice our performance and used the conductors cues on when to play music and when to stop.  We did a great job looking with our eyes. When we practiced we recorded the performance each time and replayed it.  We talked about what we did good and what we need to work on.  
  • On Wednesday we did our performances for Ms. Alyssa's class and we ROCKED IT!  
  • We placed b and d reversal race to the top.  Check my folder to see which lowercase letter won! 
  • Me measured different size straws with buttons.  We made to start at the bottom and work our way up to the top.  Some students even used a ruler and checked how many inches the straws were. 
  • We practiced sequencing our story using the story champ elements (character, problem, feeling, action, and ending).  First, we put the story in the correct order, then read the story to a teacher, and got to color it!  This will be in folders for students to practice story telling at home.  This was also to help us with our writing prompt we will be completing this week. 
  • We used tanagrams to create new shapes. We would explore by putting triangles together to see what shapes we could make and more.  We also made letters out of the shapes. 
  • We worked more on our April math journals! We are working hard on our teen numbers. 
  • We worked on the number 18.  We learned we only have 2 more spots on our tens frame until we get to 20!  We are so excited to fill up our second tens frame! 
Check out some of the poems and songs we learned about this week:
b- A bat before a ball makes a b. 
d- Doorknob before the door makes a d. 
3D Shape Poem - 3D shapes are fat not flat.  A cone is like a party hat.  A sphere is like a bouncy ball.  A prism is like a building tall.  A cylinder is like a can of pop. A cube is like the dice you drop. 3D shapes are here and there, 3D shapes are everywhere! 
Letters- Who let the h out? /h/ /h/ /h/
Letters- What does h say? What does h say? /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h
Books read this week: 
Dan the Taxi Man 
I'm A Dirty Dinosaur 
The Zoo Band (myon)

Going to a Concert (myon)

Letter B Book

Letter D Book 


**My favorite book we read this week was: The Zoo Band on myON (ask your child what their favorite was)


Next week:
  • Letters: Aa, Vv, Kk, Rr, and Mm 
  • The number 19
  • Sight Word: look
  • Comparing and describing shapes: Oval and Circle 
  • Unit Focus-Life Cycles : Insects- What are insects? What is a life cycle?
  • Watching our classroom caterpillars grow into butterflies
  • Starting our lima bean growing experiment 
Weekly Challenge:
Sing the performance we did for Ms. Alyssa's class to your family.  Remember we sang the song BINGO! 
If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message, call, or schedule a meeting.  If there is any more information you would like to see in our weekly emails please let me know.


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