Ms. Megan's Update 5-12-17

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Important Dates:
May 18- PBIS Reward
May 24- End of the year celebration and last day of school 
The end of the year is coming up!  We are excited to celebrate with you and your child all the progress they made!  Our end of the year celebration is on Wednesday May, 24th.  Our morning session time is 10:25 to 11:10.  Our afternoon session time is 2:20-3:05.  We will be having a fairly typical day with just a few fun things thrown in.  During our small groups we will have some fun end of the year crafts.  During our snack time we will making and eating a friendship fruit salad.  Then, at 12:25 we will be reading a kindergarten themed book.  Then, we will celebrate how smart everyone has become by giving the students their end of the year gifts (a book and a year wiser certificate).  We will then head outside to celebrate with popsicles, chalk, and bubbles (if the weather is bad we will eat the popsicles inside and head to the gym to play).  We will have a donations sign up sheet on Monday
During the week: 
  • We did an all letter review (we will be doing this through the rest of the year).  We focused on some letters we have trouble remembering the name and/or the sound.  
  • We worked on numbers 13 and 14.  We learned how to count to them, write them, represent them, and more!  We also worked on counting on from 10 to get to specific teen numbers. 
  • Our sight word this week was up, we read an emergent reader book about how flowers grow "up".  We had to find the sight word on each page.  We then had to track the words while reading making sure we touch each word. 
  • We worked on describing and comparing the shapes octagon and hexagon.  
  • This weeks STEM focus was the lifecycle of plants.  We did many fun large group and small group activities that focused on what plants need to grow and what he lifecycle is.  We also wanted some fun videos that will be attached to this email. 
  • We did a concpet map about what plants need to grow students came up with ideas such as: water, a person, seed, sun, soil, and more! Students were able to draw their responses on the large chart paper. 
  • We also wrote on the board the parts of plant.  The students then when on their own to draw the parts of a plant and trying to label each part. 
  • We worked on our second part of our past, present, and future concpet map.  The students were able to draw something they do in the present (walk, run, swing, ride bikes) and attached it to our concpet map. 
  • We finished up our Mothers Day and Fathers Day crafts, we hope you loved them!  They came up with such cute and silly responses! 
  • We worked on identifying numbers and matching it to a quantity.  Students looked a the number inside the flower an placed that many petals on the flower using paint.  This was so much fun! 
  • Ruth did her small group speech lesson on Monday
  • We worked more on our May math journals, we are getting so good at independently being able to complete the math journal pages. 
  • Students who are focusing on blends were given a large flower with a specific blend on it.  They had to find petals with the words that had the blend on it to create a flower. 
  • Some students were given spring words and they had to find the beginning sound letter and match it to the picture. 
  • We started our measurement garden.  Students had to cut and glue the garden onto a large paper.  Students will measure next week! 
  • The afternoon class were given elephants and links.  They had to read the elephants number and connect that many links onto the elephant. 
  • We played roll a letter and roll a sight word.  So many students said they loved this game!
  • Students worked on sorting based on two characteristics.  Some students worked on sorting by size. 
  • We released our butterflies this week! 

Check out some of the poems and songs we learned about this week:
Letters- Who let the h out? /h/ /h/ /h/
Letters- What does h say? What does h say? /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h
Books read this week: 
The Lifecycle of a Bean 
From Seed to Dandelion 
That's Not a Daffodil 
Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!
**My favorite book we read this week was: Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! (ask your child what their favorite was)
Next week:
  • Letters: Individualized Letter Review 
  • The numbers 15 and 16
  • Sight Word: little 
  • Comparing and describing shapes: circle, oval, and sphere 
  • Unit Focus-Life Cycles : Insects- What is the plant lifecycle? 
Here are some STEM videos we watched this week:
Weekly Challenge:
Draw a picture of a flower with all the parts of a plant (make sure to watch the song again to help).  

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message, call, or schedule a meeting.  If there is any more information you would like to see in our weekly emails please let me know.
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