Ms. Piper's Update 3-15-19

Ms. Piper’s Class Newsletter 3-15-19

Hello, preschool families! We hope this message finds you well. This is the classroom update for the month of January.

What We’re Learning

We are currently rounding up our 5th STEM Unit, Friends and Family. In this unit, we are focusing on questions such as What is a family?  Who is in your family?  How do people in a family change?  How are families the same/different?  What do families do together? How do families help each other? In the coming week, we will also explore the concepts of What is a friend?  What makes someone a good friend? We have so enjoyed hearing from children about their families when bringing in their All About My Family Bags!

So far, the children have enjoyed reading books such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Napping House, The Family Book by Todd Parr, A Pocket for Corduroy, and several Mo Willems books, including Knufflebunny and Should I Share my Ice Cream?

After Spring Break, we will have weeklong Dr Seuss celebration called Read Across America Week, then we will start our last Unit, Simple Machines.

In literacy, we have been practicing more and more letter recognition and letter sounds (using Zoophonics for remembering sounds). We have played rhyming games and given more attention to the beginning sounds (vs. letters) of words and names. Literacy homework is currently on hold, but you will soon see homework that focuses on lowercase letters as we start to work on them in class.

In math, we are continuing to work on numeral recognition and counting for numbers 1-20. We have also been expanding our understanding of patterns and shapes, using games like “Shape Hunt” and making patterns out of beads, stickers, paint, cubes, and more.  Our math homework has consisted of writing numerals 1-10 to reinforce the forms of numerals.

Family Photos

Thank you to everyone who has sent a family photo for our wall! If you have not, please send one (either printed or by email) if you can, so we can out it up for your child to look at and tell us about!

Important Dates

·      Thurs - Fri, March 21-22: PJ Day, mini-fundraiser, sponsored by PTO, $1.00 donation for children to wear PJs for the day.

·      Mon Mar 25-Fri Mar 29: Spring Break

·      Mon Apr 1-Fri Apr 5: Dr Seuss/Read Across America Week at Spark! More info to come.

·      Mon Apr 8-Fri Apr 12: Week of the Young Child

·      Fri, Apr 12 - 4 pm - SCHOOL CARNIVAL

 Classroom Wishlist

As the year moves along, we are beginning to run low on some supplies. This is a particularly crafty bunch, so we especially go through art supplies and collage materials! If you would like to donate items, we are in need of the following:

·      Liquid glue—we are almost completely out!

·      Pom poms

·      Googly eyes

·      Prototyping materials—these are recyclables such as egg cartons, cardboard tubes, fabric, etc.

·      Sequins

·      Small paper bags

·      Buttons

Ms. Piper, Ms. Jen, and Ms. Laura

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