Ms. Tori's Update 3-17-17

Hello Preschool Families!!  

We hope that you are enjoying your weekend. Happy Spring!! This week was a lot fun.

A Week in Review:

·      We talked about how instruments belong to different families depending how them make their sounds. We looked more closely at percussion instruments and rhythm.

·      We talked about the numbers six and seven. How do we write 6 & 7? Can we find 6 & 7 objects?  Is there a poem to remember how to write the numbers 6 & 7?

·      We talked about circles. How do we draw a circle? How many sides and points does a circle have? We played the game It is or Is not a circle? We looked for things that were in the shape of a circle in our classroom and outside.

·        We worked on the letters Ll, Ff, Ee, Hh. We practiced writing them on white boards and in the sand. We also talked about different words that start with each letter.

·      We talked about all of the colors in the rainbow. We looked at the colors we were wearing and what colors we could find in our classroom and outside.

What to Expect:

  • Tuesday, March 21st, 2017: Field Trip to Thunder Valley K8 to listen to the Jazz Band
  •  ­Letters: Tt, Ii, Uu, Cc
  •  The number: Eight, 8 & Nine, 9
  • The color: Red
  • ­  The Shape: Triangle
  • ­  Sight word: Look
  • STEM Unit: Making Music: Field Trip and talking about the Brass, Woodwind and String family of instruments

Thank you for your support! Working with your preschooler at home really makes a difference.

Classroom Donations:

·      Napkins

·      Dixie Cups 5 oz.

Important Dates:

·      Mar. 21st: Walking Field Trip to Thunder Valley to listen to the Jazz band

·      Mar.23nd: PBIS Reward – Dance Party

·      Mar. 24th- Apr. 2nd: myOn Reading Challenge

o (Prizes awarded to the schools with the highest average minutes read per student)

·      Mar. 27th- Mar. 31st: Spring Break – No School

·      April 5th: Order Forms and Money for Butter Braids are due

·      April 13th: Butter Braids will be delivered and need to be picked up by 3pm.

School News/District News:

MyOn Spring Break Reading Challenge

St. Vrain Valley elementary schools and preschools are invited to participate in the District’s Spring Reading Challenge. Participants should utilize the myOn reading program to record the number of minutes read by their students between March 24 and April 2. Prizes will be awarded to the schools with the highest average minutes read per student (total mins/enrollment).

All funds to be used to enhance reading programs.

Encore Teacher Award Program

The Encore Teacher Award Program, sponsored by the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley, provides the opportunity for students, parents, community members, and business partners to recognize and honor individual teachers at the Pre-K – 12 levels in the St. Vrain Valley School District who exemplify excellence in teaching. By paying tribute to the achievements of teachers who have an extraordinary impact on the achievements of students, the Foundation and the community hope to pay tribute to the accomplishments of all teachers. Nominations must be postmarked or electronically date stamped no later than March 15th, 2017. Here is the link to the nomination form.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Tori & Ms. Tessa

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