Ms. Tori's Update 4-7-17

Hello Preschool Families!!  

We hope that you are enjoying your weekend. We had a great week back from Spring Break. I want to thank those who were able to donate cups and napkins to the classroom.

A Week in Review:

·      We talked about different genres of music and how it makes you feel different emotions. We listen to songs that made us feel happy as well as songs that made us feel sad.  

·      We talked about the numbers ten and eleven. How do we write 10 & 11? Can we find 10 & 11 objects?  Is there a poem to remember how to write the numbers 10 & 11?

·      We talked about squares. How do we draw a square? How many sides and points does a square have? We played the game It is or Is not a square? We looked for things that were in the shape of a square in our classroom and outside.

·        We worked on the letters Oo, Qq, Ss, Gg. We practiced writing them on white boards and spotting them with bingo dabbers. We also talked about different words that start with each letter.

·      We talked about the color Orange. We looked who was wearing the color orange and what colors we could find in our classroom and outside. We also sang a song about the color orange.

What to Expect:

  • ­Letters: Jj, Pp, Bb, Dd
  •  The number: Twelve, 12
  • The color: Yellow
  • ­  The Shape: Rectangle
  • ­  Sight word: Me
  • STEM Unit: Making Music: Design Challenge.

Thank you for your support! Working with your preschooler at home really makes a difference.

Classroom Donations:

·      Packets of seeds or flower bulbs (for our life cycles study)

·      Bags of dirt for our sensory table

Important Dates:

·      April 10th: All School Movement

·      April 13th: Butter Braids will be delivered and need to be picked up by 3pm.

·      April 15th: Carbon Valley Egg Hunt in Firestone

·      April 17th: Life Cycles STEM Unit starts

·      April 20th: PJ Day

·      April 21st: Spark! PTO Carnival from 5-7pm at Spark!

·      April 27th: Mathematics Knowledge & Skills – Understanding Child Development Part 4 of 4- 6-7pm at Spark!

·      April 27th: PBIS Reward

School News/District News:

Mathematics Knowledge and Skills – Understanding Child Development, Part 4 in a 4 part series

Mathematics Knowledge & Skills describes children’s abilities to understand numbers, quantity, and the relationships between them. Also important to this domain is a basic understanding of shapes, the position of shapes in space, patterns, data, and measurement. Many skills in early mathematic require children to make generalizations and think abstractly, which builds cognitive skills that support a wide array of early learning and are associated with positive outcomes.

 Spark! Discovery Preschool parents are invited to join us for a parent session called


“Mathematic Knowledge and Skills”

Thursday, April 27th, 2017, 6:00 – 7:00pm


·      This session is free and will be facilitated by preschool teachers, including: Megan Burgess, Tori Menard, Kiersten Pierpoint and Alyssa Rehder.

·      Attending parents will learn how math skills develop in preschool-aged children and create activities that can be used at home to encourage development of these skills

·      We will have some childcare – high school-aged helpers- sponsored by the Spark! PTO

·      Light refreshments will be served

·      Families attending will enter a drawing for free Spark! spirit-wear (kid-sized), prizes, books for the home, etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Tori & Ms. Tessa

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