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Ms. Jo's update 1-1-18

Ms. Jo’s & Ms. Stephanie’s January 2018 happenings

Ms. Kiersten's update 1-1-18

appy New Year!  I hope 2018 is a great year for you and your whole family.

Encore Teacher Award Program

The Encore Teacher Award Program, sponsored by the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley, provides the opportunity for students, parents, community members, and business partners to recognize and honor individual teachers at the Pre-K – 12 levels in the St.

When Parents Have Concerns about Moving to Kindergarten

 If you have concerns about your child moving on to kindergarten, and you feel they are not ready, please contact your child’s teacher. It’s important for families to gain an understanding of what is expected in kindergarten and to communicate their concern to their child’s teacher and to administration.  Several team meetings are a part of the process and will be held to discuss concerns, needs, and data.

Early Kindergarten Entrance Options

SVVSD offers access to early enrollment for kindergarten for highly advanced gifted children under the age of six.  This option is not recommended for the majority of children, however, some children who are academically advanced may benefit.  This option is not appropriate for those children whose birthdays simply miss the cutoff date, as the criteria for acceptance is rigorous. For more information, contact Glenna Alexander in the Gifted Education Department at or at 303-702-7808.   


Curious: “I am eager to learn and ask questions.”  I work with others and am willing to lead or follow as needed.


Tips for Developing Curiosity in Children at Home

Positive Behavior/Intervention Supports - STARPOWER January 2018

S.T.A.R. stands for...


S = Stay SAFE


AACT responsibly 

RRESPECT self and others

November 2017 Attendance Report

ATTENDANCE REPORT for November 2017:

Regular attendance is an important part of a child’s learning, starting with preschool though high school, and beyond. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US TO MAINTAIN GREAT ATTENDANCE TRENDS this school year. Here is data to report from November 2017:


2017 –This Year

Previous Year

Volunteer Training – January 2018

Our school is implementing volunteer training this year for all classroom volunteers. We have been waiting for information from our school district and would like to share it with any family members wanting to volunteer in our school during school and childcare hours.  

We have hosted many sessions, with volunteers needing to attend only one, with additional sessions being offered occasionally throughout the year as new families consistently enroll in preschool throughout the year.