Ms. Amber's Update 1-6-19


Ms. Rachel's update 1-6-19

Hello and Happy 2019!

Ms. Marie's Update 1-6-19

January 6, 2019

By Marie Bloch

Ms. Marie, Ms. Jessica, & Ms. Toni’s Monthly News

Dear Preschool Families:

Welcome to 2019!  We hope you enjoyed your winter break.  It’s almost looking like spring outside, but we have a few more months of winter to go.  So, please continue to send warm outerwear for your children to wear outside.

Childcare Update 12-15-18

We Will Meet Again in 2019
This month is a short month with winter break starting Dec. 21st– Jan. 7th. The first week of the month we are learning about our five senses. The children will learn about all five senses, what they are and how we use them everyday. The children will explore the sense of smell by painting with spices.

Application Links for the 2019-2020 school year.

Here are the links to Apply for preschool for 2019 - 2020: 



Ms. Holly's Update 12-17-18

Hi families! I just wanted to send you some important dates for this upcoming week:
  • Tuesday, Dec.

Ms. Amy's Update 12-17-18

Good-morning Families,

Ms. Sarah's Update 12-17-18

Hello Families,


Ms. Rachel's Update 12-14-18



Ms. Tori's Update 12-16-18

Hello Preschool Families!!  

We hope that you are enjoying your weekend!

A Week in Review:

·      We continued our unit on Simple Machines. We talked about how these machines make work easier. We looked closely at the screw and wedge. We looked for them in our environment.

·      We worked on the number, 12. We counted 12 objects and practiced how to write the numeral 12.