Ms. Holly's update 11-10-17

Hi Families! I hope everyone is having a great Friday. I started off my day by going to a training about teaching math to preschoolers.

Ms. Megan's update 11-10-17

Good Afternoon!

Ms. Alyssa's Update 11-9-17

Ms. Alyssa’s Weekly Update 11.9.17

Ms. Jo's update 11-9-17

Dear Families,

Ms. Holly's Update 11-8-17

It has been a busy 2 weeks! Did everyone enjoy the extra hour of sleep? I know I did! Thank you to everyone who showed up at Trick-or-Treat Street. It was so fun seeing all the kids in their costumes!!!

Reminders/Important Info:

Ms. Kiersten's class update 11-6-17

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Ms. Piper's update 10-31-17

Hello Preschool Parents,

Ms. Piper's Update 10-18-17

Ms. Piper's Update 10-9-17

Hello Preschool Parents,

Ms. Eden's November Newsletter 11-1-17

Classroom Updates:

Welcome to November and the start of the holiday season! The children have been immersed in our Weather unit. In our classroom, we have been using pretend play in our Fall Festival Center, looking at patterns in weather, recognizing weather words, and participating in daily small groups related to literacy and math. In terms of literacy, we are now up to 16 letters, and have been learning that all stories have a character, a problem, a feeling, an action, and a solution.