Ms. Holly's update 5-12-19

Hello Families!

STEM Profile of the Month - May 2019

Ways to develop Empathy in Children

MOTHERS whose behavior toward their preschool children is RESPONSIVE, NONPUNITIVE, AND NONAUTHORITARIAN have children who have higher levels of affective and cognitive empathy and prosocial behavior (Eisenberg, Lennon, and Roth 1983; EisenbergBerg and Mussen 1978; Kestenbaum, Farber, and Sroufe 1989; and Zahn-Waxler, Radke-Yarrow, and King 1979).

Important Dates May 2019

April 8 – May 10th

STEM unit 6

Wed, May 1

Tuition payments due

May 1 – 23

STEM Profile focus for April 2019– Empathetic

Wed, May 1

Late Start for K-12 – preschoolers have school! 

Ms. Holly's Update 4-14-19

Hello Families!

Ms. Tori's Update 4-19-19

Hello Preschool Families!!  

We hope that you have a great holiday weekend!  

A Week in Review:

·      We are in our second week of the last STEM unit. This week, we talked about houses in different places. We looked at huts, igloos, adobe houses and strange shaped houses. We also decided that there were 3 things that we had to have in a building: roof, walls and a door.

Ms. Rachel's Update 4-20-19


Here are this week’s announcements and reminders:

Ms. Holly's update 4-22-19

Hello Families!

Ms. Kiersten's class update 2-19-19

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing long weekend.  The kids came back from the break full of energy and enthusiasm.

Kiersten Pierpoint's update 3-4-19

I hope you all stayed warm during the big snow this past weekend and maybe even had a chance to play.  On days when the weather is below 20 degrees, families are welcome to come to the front door to check in instead of waiting outside.

Ms. Kiersten's update 4-11-19

Happy Colorado spring!  I'm writing this email while wondering what the weather will be bringing us.