Communicating Attendance

Communication between schools, teachers, families, students and the district is an essential part of fostering high levels of student growth and achievement. Supporting better attendance through communication is one important way that schools and families can foster increased student engagement and academic success.

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STEM PROFILE OF THE MONTH: Cooperation - January 2018

Why do some children seem willing to cooperate while others do not?

In fact, children learn to be cooperative and helpful. They do not become that way automatically. They have to learn to work with others by sharing materials and information. Children have to learn how to make someone else’s work or play easier. This learning takes place slowly, but the foundations can be laid early in life.

Here are some things parents and caregivers can do that will set the stage for the development of cooperation:

Volunteer Training – Feb 2018

School Accountability Committee Update for January 2018

School Accountability Committee (SAC) Monthly Update

We’d like to update you regarding this committee’s activities during the last month. Our January 2018 SAC agenda included:

·      A Design and Leadership Team update regarding decision-making and professional learning happening in our school

Registration Update for 2018 - 2019 School Year


PRESCHOOL REGISTRATION: While we have completed our first round of Preschool Registration, we will be accepting applications for enrollment through the beginning of the school year.

Important Dates: February 2018


Mon, Feb 1

Tuition payments due.  Questions? Call Andrea at 720-652-7906

Feb 5 – 13 in cafeteria

Ms. Amy's Update 2-4-18

Dear Families,

Ms. Nicky's Update 2-4-18

Ms. Nicky’s and Ms. Sydney’s News

Ms. Jo's Update 2-3-18

Ms. Jo’s & Ms. Stephanie’s February 2018 Happenings

Ms. Jill's Update 2-5-18

How do you spell love? – Piglet

You don’t spell it. You feel it! – Pooh


Ms. Jill & Ms. Hilary’s monthly newsletter


Welcome to February! We are so excited to share with you all of the great progress your child has been making at Parent/Teacher Conferences! Please take a look at our memory books while you are waiting. We have a great time at school!

BOOKS WE LOVED from January: