Ms. Megan's update 2-2-18

Hello Preschool Families!

Ms. Tori's Update 2-2-18

Hello Preschool Families!!  

    We hope that you enjoying your weekend.

A Week in Review:

Ms. Alyssa's Update 2-1-18

Ms. Alyssa’s Weekly Update 2.1.18

Ms. Jess's Update 2-1-18

January’s Learning
We shifted our focus in math from numbers 0-5 to 6-10. We have been learning about the 
letters P, B, R, K and A. We wrapped up our Transportation/ Roads unit. We worked on retelling the story Bear Wants More. Students did a wonderful job signing/saying the words as they retold the story.

Ms. Amy's Update 1-29-18

Dear Families,

Ms. Tori's Update 1-29-18

Hello Preschool Families!!  

    We hope that you enjoyed your weekend.

A Week in Review:

Ms. Holly's update 1-27-18

Good evening, families! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Make sure to give your kids a hug and a high-five this weekend; last week Ms. Michelle and I gathered data to assess their progress for conferences, which means your kids did a LOT of hard academic work! Ms. Michelle and I are proud of them, and we hope you are, too! Here is this week’s newsletter: 

Important PICK-UP Reminders:

Ms. Jo's Update 1-22-18

Ms. Jo’s & Ms. Stephanie’s weekly update for January 22, 2018


Ms. Megan's Update 1-26-18

Hello Preschool Families!

Ms. Amy's Update 1-26-18

Hope you are staying warm and enjoying the Colorado snow.  The children had fun scooping and shoveling snow into buckets outside.  If we continue to have cold and snow you are more than welcome to send in snowpants and boots for outdoor play.  We do watch the weather and do NOT go outside if it is too cold.