Ms. Piper's Update 12-1-17

Ms. Piper’s Class Newsletter 12-5-17

Ms. Amy's Update 12-1-17

Hello Parents,

Ms. Tori's update 12-1-17

Hello Preschool Families!!  


Ms. Megan's update 12-1-17

Good Afternoon!

Ms. Jess's update 12-1-17

We had a busy November!

This month we focused on the letters Oo, Qq, Gg, and Ss.. We also have been working on recognizing numbers 1-10 and counting groups of items from 1-5. We have wrapped up our unit on Pets.

Ms. Nicky's update 12-1-17


Ms. Nicky and Ms. Sydney’s News

Ms. Alyssa's update 12-1-17


Ms. Jo's Update 12-3-17

Ms. Jo’s & Ms. Stephanie’s December Happenings


Ms. Marie's update 12-1-17

Ms. Marie’s December 2017 Newsletter
November 30, 2017
By Marie Bloch
Dear Preschool Families:
December is here and we are beginning to see some colder weather finally! We continue to go outside, so please keep sending cold weather clothes for your students every day.

Ms. Jo's Update 11-29-17

You are invited for our winter celebration on: