Child Nutrition and Physical Activity Practices at Spark!

Spark! Discovery Preschool encourages students to participate in 5210... What's that?  
5 = 5 fruits / vegetables a day 
2 = 2 hours or less of screen time (no screen time is recommended for children below the age of 2)
1 = 1 hour physical exercise a day 
0 = 0 soda or sweetened drinks a day (more water or lowfat milk instead)
Our preschool program implements guidelines and regulations from Boulder County Health Department. Our goal is to help promote, support, and educate families in the areas of nutrition and exercise. Ongoing education and information will be provided to families as part of our program each year. The following guidelines and regulations are effective immediately. Please read through the information below. We are excited about helping in creating lifelong healthy habits for families!
We at Spark! Discovery Preschool support your child’s healthy food choices by:
      Gently encouraging children to try fruits and vegetables and giving positive reinforcement when the do.
      Role modeling positive behaviors for eating fruits and vegetables or other healthy snacks in the presence of children.
      Observing and supporting hunger and fullness cues.
      Providing opportunities for nutrition education for parents and staff.
      During celebrations and holiday parties, our program will offer fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods.
      Not using food as a reward.
Providing good nutrition for your child is a partnership. We at Spark! Discovery Preschool ask for your support:
      For celebrations and holiday parties, please provide healthy foods (especially fruits and vegetables).
Healthy Guidelines for Celebrations:  Please help us encourage lifelong healthy habits among our children. We encourage parents to join us for their child’s birthday or other special occasions and bring food to help celebrate.Please select or prepare healthier food options your child enjoys. Suggestions include:
      Favorite fruits and vegetables (pre-packaged)
      Lower fat baked goods (muffins)
      Goldfish crackers
      Wheat bread that can be cut into fun shapes by the children with cheese
      Whole wheat bread sticks with pizza sauce
      Waldorf salad: apples, grapes, pears (pre-packaged)
      Whole wheat mini bagels
      Trail mix
      Jolly Time Healthy Pop popcorn
      Pretzels
Also, consider celebrating with favorite stories, music, games, or activities. Often the most important thing to your child is that you took the time to help plan something special. Please talk to us if you have questions or need ideas. 
Health and Nutrition
We understand the importance of providing age appropriate food and beverages and because of this:
      1% milk will be used for children aged 3 years and older.
      100% fruit juice will be served.
      Water will be clearly visible and available to children at all times.
We are committed to our children’s health and nutrition. We recognize the importance of the staff as positive role models for the children as they learn to live healthy lives. Therefore:
      Staff will not drink soda and sugary beverages in front of the children in their care.
      During functions or meetings at the center, we will only permit water, milk, and 100% fruit juice to be served.
Physical Activity
Active Play and Interactive Time
     We provide active playtime to all children each day.
     We provide opportunities for outdoor play.
     We do not withhold active playtime for children who misbehave.
     We rarely show television and videos. All screen time will be related to curriculum.
Play Environment
      We provide fixed play equipment (tunnels, climbing, and balancing equipment) that is extensive and varied for all children.
      We provide portable play equipment (wheeled toys, balls, hoops, ribbons) that is diverse and available for children to use at the same time.
      Outdoor play space includes an open, grassy area and a space for wheeled toys.
      Indoor space is available for all activities, including running, when weather does not permit outdoor play.
Supporting Physical Activity
      Our staff often encourages children to be active and often joins in active play.
      We provide visible support for physical activity in the classroom through the use of posters, picture, and displayed books.
Physical Activity Education
      We provide teacher-directed physical activity education for children through a standardized curriculum.
      We offer physical education/nutrition training/information to parents.
We hope this information has been helpful and supportive. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at 720-652-7906.
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